Edit in Torino, the bakery with a Crunch

The multifunctional restaurant in Torino has a varied offer. Renato Bosco and Pietro Leemann designed some of the dishes

One of Renato Bosco’s pizzas at Edit

One of Renato Bosco’s pizzas at Edit

Summarising Edit is not easy. The project spreads over 2,400 square metres on two floors in the 19th century building where Incet, a historic factory in Torino, used to produce electrical cables, at the far end of the so called Miglio dell’Innovazione [the Innovation Mile] close to Dora station. This building is now the location of a multifunctional space dedicated to gastronomy. However, we’ll focus on the ground floor, where one can find the Bakery, the Pub and the Brewery, while on the first floor – also interesting – we find the Cocktail Bar, the restaurant of Matteo Monti and Kitchens (an area with four professional kitchens plus a room for cooking demos).

The vibrating heart of this place, on top of the brewery equipment for the craft beers at the BrewPub, is the oven in the Bakery, acting as a trait d’union between the different souls of this large and welcoming open space decorated in a lounge style. While since the morning in the bread and pastry making laboratory they are baking croissants, biscuits, tarts and cakes, bread rolls and sandwiches for the café, bread is also an essential part of the pub’s menu, which is decisively uncommon and larger compared to the usual offer of this kind of place.

But this had to be the case, as Pietro Leemann and Renato Bosco are also involved. The result is a delicious and fun menu, suitable for a convivial place, but one that also pays attention to the origin of the raw materials and to vegetables. On top of dishes and burgers, there’s a nice seasonal selection of pizzas created by the Veronese pizza-researcher, often interpreted with a Piedmontese approach: there’s the irresistible Crunch, for instance(there’s one with veal in tuna sauce, with veal round from Fassona Piemontese, tuna sauce and fried capers) and Doppio Crunch (like the Toast with artisanal stracchino, prosciutto cotto di Praga and toma piemontese), the steamed roll with sausage from Bra and crunchy broccoli, or Aria di Pane, the ethereal round focaccia with a thick and very light dough, stuffed with cheese and cured meat.

They are made daily by the bread making staff trained by Renato and his collaborators in San Martino Buon Albergo (who are always in touch with them, discussing the production and creation of the stuffing). A system studied in detail, just like the dough made by Bosco, the result of an in-depth research on digestibility, which guarantees a remarkable constant quality even with significant volumes like those of the brewpub, which can have as many as 10,000 guests per month.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso


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