Massimo Bosco’s pizza in Tempio Pausania

The pizzaiolo from Sardinia increases his offer, on top of bread and pizza in teglia. And the restuarant is larger too…

Massimo Bosco and his pizza with fiordilatte, per

Massimo Bosco and his pizza with fiordilatte, peretta di Berchidda (a local cheese), rolled pancetta and shaved GranAnglona

Massimo Bosco does not know the meaning of laziness. The excellent pizzaiolo from Sardinia started his career by chance and out of necessity, and is now one of the best interpreters of pizza on the island. He’s also an esteemed teacher for all the aspiring pizzaioli who come from all around the world to Tempio Pausania to learn from him. While he was already making round pizzas to take away on top of bread, in his small place dedicated to pizza in teglia,since last summer he decided to focus on round pizzas mostly (pizzeria panetteria BoscoVia Vittorio Veneto 4, Tempio Pausania, Sassari. Tel. +39 079 632494).

So he bought the place next door, and used one room for the oven, and one for the cosy dining room with nicely set tables and inspiring photos on the walls (in the summer, however, there are tables outside too, under the flowered porch in front of the restaurant and on the other side of the street, part of the old town market, and in August even occupying the pedestrian road in between).

Massimo Bosco and Gabriele Bonci

Massimo Bosco and Gabriele Bonci

People stop here to enjoy, calmly, his delicious round pizzas with a soft and light dough made with 100% Sardinian wheat and spelt. Toppings range from traditional ones like Pizze Classiche to the more creative and richer ones like Pizze Bosco or Pizze Speciali, often with local ingredients and with a strong Sardinian character as in the case of pizza Culurgiones, in which the topping recalls the famous Sardinian ravioli: boiled potatoes, pecorino sardo, oil with mint and chives, and salt and thyme.

And there’s also fried pizza, simply seasoned with tomato and mozzarella or for instance in the version with porchetta from Ploaghe, roasted potatoes, salt aromatised with myrtle and mustard. Super rich, but without exaggeration: «Simplicity and substance is our motto», the pizzaiolo often repeats. This is confirmed by tasting his pizza – including the one with fiordilatte, peretta di Berchidda (a local cheese), rolled pancetta and shaved GranAnglona, a sheep’s milk cheese that is somehow similar to Grana in terms of texture and aromas.

Pizzeria panetteria Bosco
via Vittorio Veneto 4, Tempio Pausania, Sassari
tel. +39 079 632494


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