At Spiazzo, in Rome, the new pizza “nel ruoto”

In the Neapolitan tradition, this is the name of the pizza cooked in a small baking tin. The latest novelty from this Roman establishment


In September 2016 brothers Fabio and Alessio Mattaccini opened Spiazzo (Via Antonio Pacinotti 83, Rome. Tel. +39 06 5562738) in the old location of their Bibere Bistrot – an ambitious experiment that matched fine dining with craft beer. Now Spiazzo has found its place in the Roman pizza scene thanks to the excellent fried food (includinglingotti, delicious breaded and fried parallelepipeds, filled for instance with broccoli and sausage or potatoes and salmon) and thanks to the Spiazzanti pizzas, with special toppings often with organic products or Slow Food Presidia, such as the Mele e prosciutto cotto affumicato (buffalo milk mozzarella, Prague cooked ham, roast chicken, balsamic vinegar and rosemary) or Diversamente parmigiana (smoked buffalo milk mozzarella, fried aubergines, basil pesto, date tomatoes and Parmigiano) as well as the pizze Classiche.

In both cases, the dough (also available in the whole wheat version) is a mix of different techniques and traditions: stone milled flour – from Petra, adding wheat germ to give extra crispiness – at least 48 hours of maturation and leavening, 75% hydration. The result is original and interesting and unites the techniques of the Roman pizza in teglia with the Neapolitan direct cooking on stone, with a large and lightly crispy edge.

And there’s a recent novelty too: pizza nel ruoto, following the Neapolitan term (a small round baking tin, also known as padellino). The dough is similar to the previous one, but it leavens in the ruoto, in which it is also seasoned and baked. The result is a thick pizza, crispy on the outside and soft and light on the inside. Very interesting and with a unique character.

At Spiazzo, pizza nel ruoto is available both in theClassiche versions – like the delicious Marinara with tomato, parsley, chilli pepper, extra virgin olive oil and red garlic from Nubia – and in the Spiazzanti options, for instance the one with red prawns, cream of red prawns, Pata Negra lard and fried rosemary. This and the other items in the menu are the result of a successful team work between pizzaiolo Lorenzo De Bellis (responsible for the dough and the oven management), the kitchen staff with Loris Duranti and Giovanni Giglio (for toppings, fried food and cakes) and Alessio Mattacini himself, who searches and selects the raw materials and sets the guidelines for the dough and the choice of new recipes.

via Antonio Pacinotti, 83
+39 06 5562738
Always closed for lunch and the whole Monday


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