The magic of Lorenzo’s arancini

At the latest Festa a Vico, Cuomo, chef at Re Maurì in Vietri, offered a charming version with garlic oil and hot chilli peppers

Arancino with garlic, oil and hot chilli peppers f

Arancino with garlic, oil and hot chilli peppers from Lorenzo Cuomo

At the latest edition of Festa a Vico, on the first week of June in Vico Equense (Naples), I would have overdosed on the arancini presented by Lorenzo Cuomo, chef at Re Maurì in Vietri (Salerno) on the Amalfi Coast. The filling recalls nothing of what you usually find everywhere, hence my enthusiasm for the Arancino with Carnaroli rice and garlic, oil and chilli pepper of which I’ve asked the recipe, so as to publish it.

Ingredients for 10 30-gram arancini.
For the risotto:
g 200 Carnaroli Gallo Gran riserva rice
g 20 shallot matured in butter and bay leaves
g 30 dry white wine

For the garlic base:
g 100 milk
g 20 Parmigiano Reggiano
4 garlic cloves, better if fresh
3 leaves of basil
3 leaves of parsley
Attention: mix all the ingredients, blend them finely and freeze them.

For the chilli base:
250 g of water and 100 g of red chilli pepper (but it depends on the spiciness). Mix everything, freeze and then grate as with a granita

For the cream at the end:
60 g butter and 10 g of red cow parmigiano reggiano.

Toast the dry rice in a pot with a thick bottom, add a spoon of sautéed shallot, add salt and cook the rice in boiling water, mixing it regularly. Mix with the chilli pepper base making sure you get the right flavour and thickness.
Roll out on a baking sheet and leave to rest.
Shape the garlic mousse with flexipan half-spheres, freeze them and match them putting an anchovy from the sea of Cantabria preserved in oil in the middle.
Shape the arancini wrapping 30 grams of chilli rice around the garlic ball.
Roll in panko crumbs and leave to rest.
Fry in extra virgin olive oil at 170°C having previously used the same oil to sauté the hot chilli peppers.
Before serving, complete by sprinkling some cayenne pepper.
Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso


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