Different textures of arctic snowgrouse

Hans Välimäki

For 4 people

For the snowgrouse
4 snowgrouse
100 g minced beef
2 dl cream
200 foie gras
4 savoy cabbage leaves
200 g crepinette
salt and white pepper

For the potato and grouse supreme
100 g large potatoes
100 g confied grouse legs
50 g cooked foie gras
50 g ceps
2 dl Madera sauce
fresh truffle, salt, pepper, thyme

For the golden almond potato pont neuf
300 g golden almond potatoes
duck fat
clarified butter

For the arctic snowgrouse sauce

1 kg grouse carcasses
3 dl Madeira
100 g shallots
50 g carrots
50 g celery
50 g button mushrooms
50 ceps
thyme rosemary

For the clarifying
2 whole snowgrouses
100 g egg whites


For the snowgrouse
Separate the legs from the bodies leaving them whole. Bone the bodies leaving the breasts intact. Sautee the foie gras on both sides and season with salt and white pepper. Cut into 1cm batons. Blanch the cabbage leaves and flatten them with a rolling pin. Mix the cream and minced beef in food processor to make a smooth paste. Roll the foie gras in to the cabbage leaves with the meat paste. Fill half of the grouse breasts with the foie gras. Roll them tightly to the crepinette and secure with cling film. Blanch for 2 minutes and cool in a ice bath. Season the legs with thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper and confi them in duck fat at 70c for 10hours.

For the supremes
Slice the potatoes very thinly with mandoline. Cut the ceps in to small cubes and sautee in a little butter add the Madera sauce and reduce by half. Chill on a flat container. Make a paste of the cooked grouse legs and foie gras, season with fresh truffles. Fill the potato slices with both mixtures.

For the pont neuf potatoes
Cut the potatoes into 1cm batons, confi them in duck fat and fry in clarified butter. Add salt.

For the sauce
Roast the carcasses in medium heat and place in a pot. Sweat the vegetables and add the carcasses and the wine. Reduce until almost completely evaporated. Add cold water until just submerged. Simmer for 2 hours constantly skimming. Sieve the sauce trough a fine mesh sieve and chill.

For the clarifying
Run the grouses trough a food processor and mix with the egg whites. Clarify the grouse jus and season.

Serve with baby carrots, baby turnips, pearl onions, broad beans garlic and cep pure.