Ancestral pleasure, contemporary execution

"Macco di fave" cream of broad beans, wild borage cream, slices of 10-month Ragusano

Corrado Assenza

200 g dried broad beans
2 l of chlorine-free water
600 g of borage
140 g of Furgentini extra virgin olive oil
100 g of 10-month Ragusano DOP
10 g of whole sea salt


The day before, rinse the beans thoroughly in water and soak for 24 hours in chlorine-free water. Drain the beans and remove the stalk area. Cook them in chlorine-free water with a little salt. Drain when cooked. Make a purée and sieve to eliminate any remaining skins.

Remove the hard parts of the borage and wash in cold water. Scald in boiling water. When cooked, drain and cool, setting the water to one side. Blend, adding part of the cooking water if necessary. Add salt to taste. Pour 70 g of extra virgin olive oil into a shallow pan and when hot, pour in the cream, stirring with a spoon.

Pour the bean cooking water into a large, shallow pan. When it starts to boil, add 70 g of Furgentini extra virgin olive oil. Add the purée and use a spoon to make a fluid, creamy "macco" with no lumps. Add salt to taste. Slice the Ragusano cheese very finely using a potato peeler.

Put some borage cream on the bottom of the container; place 50 g of "macco di fave" on top. Add 20 g of borage cream. Complete with 12 g of sliced Ragusano.