Pumpkin cream, hazelnut and paccheri

Gianluca Fusto

4,239 g of water
170 g of sugar
212 g of dextrose
318 g of acacia honey
32 g of unrefined salt
15 g of fresh lemon zest
15 g of Sicilia Bio orange zest

Oil for cooling
1,000 g of Pariani hazelnut oil

Pumpkin cream
923 g of pumpkin
40 g of pumpkin seed oil
16 g of Bio orange zest
26 g of Sosa cinnamon sticks
395 g of Absolut Cristal

Namelaka Ivoire and hazelnut
260 g of whole UHT milk
195 g of Acquolina hazelnut paste
13 g of glucose
441 g of Ivoire coating
584 g of 35% fat fresh milk

Orange and cinnamon cream
432 g of fresh whole milk
16 g of glucose syrup
11 g of Oro 2 g gelatine sheets
459 g of Ivoire coating
540 g of mascarpone
22 g of Sicilia Bio orange zest
22 g of Sosa cinnamon sticks

Hazelnut and salt stroisel
248 g of sugar
248 g of Petra 1 flour
248 g of Pariani ground hazelnuts
248 g of 82% fat butter
8 g of unrefined salt

Oil and saffron water-ice
553 g of fresh orange juice
691 g of mineral water
64 g of glucose
64 g of sugar
9 g of orange zest
125 g of extra virgin olive oil
2 g of Tenuta Rocchetta Sardian saffron pistils



Bring the water to the boil in a deep pan. Add the honey, sugar, dextrose and salt. Place the citrus zest in infusion for about 15 minutes. Filter the liquid through a strainer and add 2 g of 50% citric solution.

Oil for cooling
Place the oil in a bowl and freeze for at least 5 hours.

Pumpkin cream
Peel the pumpkin and cut it into cubes. Add the spices and place everything in a vacuum. Bake in the microwave on medium power for at least 15 minutes. Check the cooking and when complete blend the pumpkin to obtain a smooth cream. Add the neutral glaze, the orange zest and the vanilla. Add a drop of water if necessary.

Namelaka Ivoire and hazelnut
Melt the Ivoire chocolate at 55 °C and add the hazelnut paste. Bring the milk to the boil together with the glucose and add the previously rehydrated gelatine. Pour little by little onto the coating to obtain a stable emulsion. Blend and add the cream. Cool for at least 12 hours in the fridge.

Orange and cinnamon cream
Leave the milk in infusion with the orange zest and the cinnamon. Bring the milk to the boil, filter, restore to the initial weight and bring back to the boil. Pour the liquid over the Ivoire coating melted at 45 °C, a little at a time, whisking energetically to obtain a supple, shiny consistency. Add the mascarpone and blend everything together for a few moments to refine the structure. Gently whip up in a planetary mixer with a leaf beater if necessary.
Leave to crystallise at least overnight in the fridge at 4 °C.

Hazelnut and salt stroisel
Sieve all the powdered ingredients. Add the cold, cubed butter, mixing everything in a planetary mixer with the leaf beater. Store in the fridge at 4 °C. Run the mixture through a mincer to obtain little balls and freeze them immediately. Bake in the oven at 160 °C for at least 23 minutes with the valve open.

Oil and saffron water-ice
Heat the water and sugars; add the previously softened and squeezed gelatine. Pour in the fresh orange juice and add the saffron. Add the zest and place everything in a plastic container and freeze. Mix the water-ice and extra virgin olive oil in a blender and place it in a rectangular mould. Cut into a parallelepiped and store in the freezer.