Instant carrot stock

Paolo Lopriore

For 4 people

50 g of carrot seeds
8 mussels
1 lemon
Toasted cumin seeds
Boiling water
Oil for frying


Place the carrot seeds in a container 10 times bigger. Fill it to the top with cold water and leave overnight. Drain, then process them in a Green Star and place the essence obtained in the fridge.

Remove the beards from the mussels and clean them in a steam oven for 2 minutes at 100 °C. Open and eliminate the shells and return the mussels to their water for 1 day.

Heat the water to 50 °C. Meanwhile, place 18 drops of carrot essence in a cup.

Coat the mussels in batter and fry in oil. Then sprinkle with lemon juice and toasted cumin.

Pour the boiling water in the cup with the carrot essence and serve with the mussels on a separate plate.