Champagne Mumm: RSRV Blanc de Noirs 2012 is the new cuvée presented to the Italian market

With a special preview, hosted by Davide Oldani at D'O in Cornaredo, this vintage was presented with a complexity in the glass that rhymes with sustainability

Reims, the city of kings and champagne, is the place where, since 1827, the historic Maison Mumm creates its champagnes. “Only the best” was the motto of Georges Hermann Mumm and champagne RSRV, acronym of “résérvé”, is the perfect sum of this.

Since 1838 Mumm decided to produce special cuvées for lovers and friends of the Maison. The Chef de Cave noted in the winery's records the best bottles with the acronym RSRV. Today, we have in front of us a great Pinot Noir from Verzenay, the Grand Cru, which is born in the mountains of Reims, and produced only in the best vintages.

The label has its top corner folded, like the business cards used in the 19th century: a corner folded like this was to mean that the champagne had been handed by hand. Almost a rite for few lucky people.

Today Maison Mumm has decided to share the 2012 vintage in the Italian market with a preview on the outskirts of Milan, in Cornaredo, the headquarters of chef Davide Oldani. A menu studied to enhance the 100% Pinot Noir bubbles, and show their excellent versatility in terms of pairing, especially with the new pasta in 3D, created in collaboration with BluRhapsody, which has the Acini d’Uva as the best way to pay tribute to this great cuvée.

Acini d'uva, purple potato gnocchi, ricotta and must, by Davide Oldani

Acini d'uva, purple potato gnocchi, ricotta and must, by Davide Oldani

The grapes are a symbol of how champagne is created, and the creativity and innovation of the chef are in perfect parallel with the innovative sustainability of Mumm. Just think that the Maison in Reims is one of the wineries with the most certificates in the region.

Double certificates: VDC, which stands for Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne and HVE, which refers to the most important environmental certificate in France. This wine ages at least 6 years in the cellar with a dosage of 6 grams of sugar per litre. A champagne with a significant body, supported by a pleasantly complex richness of aromas.

In the glass, there's a concentrate of the uniqueness of this terroir which reveals a wine rich in notes of citrus and candied fruits, together with pan brioche and light notes of vanilla. On the palate the sip is tense, though preserving a great balance, enriched by the power of Pinot Noir.


Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

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