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All of Identità Expo’s technical partners, a group of big companies focused on innovation

by Identità Golose
The ground floor of Identità Expo, Identità Golo

The ground floor of Identità Expo, Identità Golose’s restaurant which, as of this Friday, will enrich Rho’s exhibition area with the skills of 200 chefs and with over 450 parallel events. The project is the result of the contribution of many important technical partners

While yesterday we covered the most important activities of Identità Expo’s main sponsors, today we illustrates in detail all the technical partners who have contributed in defining the two floors of “the greatest fine dining restaurant in the world”. We have already mentioned the importance of Cappellini, the design firm to whom we owe the splendid interior design, worthy of all the prestigious lounge rooms, hotels and restaurant that designer Giulio Cappellini has enriched over the years, displayed in museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London or the Moma in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The first floor of the restaurant overlooking the Decumanus, among the pavilions of Malaysia and Thailand

The first floor of the restaurant overlooking the Decumanus, among the pavilions of Malaysia and Thailand

“Ars addit naturae” (art enhances nature) is, instead, the motto of Marrone, Identità Expo's heart as it has designed its tailor made single block kitchens: each is the clear expression of the character of the chef who commissioned it. The interior of the cooking show area is instead signed by Valcucine, located on the first floor of the building. This is so because Gabriele Centazzo, its creative soul, bets in the same way on the concepts of innovation, environmental sustainability, technical, engineering and stylistic research”.

The light design of the 2-floor of the Identità Expo restaurant – overlooking the Decumanus between the pavilions of Malaysia and Thailand – was instead assigned to Davide Groppi, a professional we have known for a long time. His strength can be summed up in his attention to technology and innovation, to design, in his humanistic approach to the project and in his sensitivity towards the social elements of work.

While we owe Caraiba Luxury, an historic partner of Identità, the selection of tableware, from the Spigelau glasses onwards; Roda signed the outdoor furniture: an elegant collection with an innovative and cosy design. And while Milanese firm AG&P created all the green areas in the Identità space among the decumani and Liuni - Bolon the floors and the finishing; Samsung will offer the important technical equipment, as important as the audio/video contribution made by Tecnoservice while Caimi created the contract furniture.

Thanks, as usual, to Bragard for the chefs’ uniforms, to Sirman for the professional equipment, to CHS for the supply of professional Horeca products, to Universal Selecta for the pleasant setting in terms of acoustics and aesthetics. Thanks to Convivium Lab for the cooking classes, to Valrhona – another historic partner – for the supply of great chocolate, to Tomato Farm for the tomato, to Petra for the great flour, to Consorzio di Tutela dell’Aceto balsamico di Modena for the vinegar. We also continue our collaboration with Merano Wine Festival and Mondadori Electa, who will participate in the six-month programme. And finally thanks to Carpigiani, Fcf impianti, Gourmet ServicesHoshisaki,  Irinox, Logico LiftPavoni, P&B Line, PiazzaRational, Robot Coupé,  Sanelli, Selecta, SlideSteelnovoWinterhalter.


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