Christening at Identità Golose: the Guide to Signature Pizzerias and Cocktail Bars is born

A free online tool unprecedented but true to the spirit of Identità: selecting only the best venues, giving space to pizza chefs and mixologists capable of innovation. The presentation on Monday 26th February in Milan

A new guidebook? Yes, a new guide, because in a world where we are constantly bombarded with millions of pieces of information, we need the right ones.

Since its inception, Identità Golose has focused on fine dining. But already in 2011 the Identità Milano congress, the first in the world, got rid of the bias against a direct confrontation between great chefs and great pizza makers, putting them on an equal footing, and thus inviting pizzaioli to take part in the congress. This was unprecedented. And even before that, in 2008, the debut edition of the Identità Golose Guida ai Ristoranti d'autore also included the best pizzerias in the country, as they were no longer to be considered the children of a lesser god, nor relegated to a niche.

Similarly, signature cocktail bars have found space in the same Guide for two editions now; and the best Italian and international mixologists have been invited to speak at the congress since 2017.

For both pizzerias and cocktail bars, however, we think it’s time to propose a specific tool which complements what we have already done, but also has its peculiarity and autonomy, so that we can give value to the excellence in these two sectors even more and better.

This is the meaning of the new Identità Golose Guide to Signature Pizzerias and Cocktail Bars, which will be presented in Milan on Monday 26th of February: a project that - thanks also to the support of the main partners Molino Casillo, S.Pellegrino and Casa Marrazzo - we have conceived and will come to light in full continuity with Identità Golose and at the same time as something completely new.

There is full continuity, because from Identità Golose we inherit the credibility, prestige and the same logic: that of giving space to the realities that are in step with the times, that embrace new challenges, that know how to innovate and renew themselves. Our intention is not to recount all the places in Italy where you can eat a good pizza or drink a good cocktail. We do not want to be an encyclopaedia full of addresses. Instead, we have the ambition to carefully select only the best contemporary pizzerias, those that go beyond, that study ever more perfect doughs, create refined toppings, in continuous dialogue with fine dining; and only the best contemporary cocktail bars, those that also go beyond, that dialogue with fine dining, that mix the highest quality spirits to obtain a fine drink. In short: pizzerias and cocktail bars of the highest calibre, reviewed with the finest reports, since they are signed by authors who – whether journalists or collaborators of Identità, a dream team of over 80 people, including many "surprises" that we won't reveal for now - combine a skilled palate with a expert pen, knowing both how to taste and how to narrate.

This alone dictates a line that is both in the vein of Identità and at the same time innovative. But then we want to propose many other innovations: agile fact sheets with lots of practical information, attention to all food trends, but above all indications of 'our choices', the advice we feel we can give, to provide readers with the most useful advice.

We don't want to be comprehensive, we don't want to be generalists: we want to be ambitious, consistent, serious, free. If we make mistakes - and we certainly will, here and there - it will be our own fault.

The first edition of the new Identità Golose Guide to Signature  Pizzerias and Cocktail Bars - online, free of charge - is about to launch. Save the date: 26th of  February. Get ready.


Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

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