Eating vegetarian in Milan

Ten restaurants (some are also vegan) that will satisfy your need for natural and sustainable cuisine too

What I’d eat every day: one of the many dishes (

What I’d eat every day: one of the many dishes (in particular, this is made with cauliflower pâté and pumpkin pâté with sprout salad, buckwheat chapati and chestnuts) coming from the creativity and research of Pietro Leemann, the diamond top in Milan’s natural cuisine

Over here, the attention for vegetarian and vegan cuisine is not something we have showed recently, following a fashion. Just think of Identità Naturali, which in every edition of the Congress in Milan, in February, welcomes talents and researchers, or read the articles in the Naturalmente and Green columns in this website. Therefore, for this new episode in our series on the best restaurants in Milan, we’ll focus on the growing offer dedicated to the vegetal world.

Ghea, Via Valenza, 5 (+39.02.58110980)
This is one of the most refined places for this kind of food in Milan. For a long time now, chef Antonio Tomaselli has been conducting an interesting and ambitious research, always presenting creative dishes, in a restaurant with a very well finished decor. Average price is 40€

Govinda, Via Valpetrosa, 5 (+39.02.862417)
A historic restaurant for the Hare Krishna community, this was one of the first points of reference for vegetarians in town. It offers a set menu both at lunch and dinner, with an excellent quality/price ratio. Average price is 25€

One of Ghea's plates

One of Ghea's plates

Joia, Via Panfilo Castaldi, 18 (+39.02.29522124)
With his great culture and impeccable technique, Pietro Leemann created a place of absolute taste thanks to this restaurant. No sacrifice but a strong identity, aesthetically perfect. Average price is 80€ (Downstairs there’s Joia Kitchen, with a simpler and cheaper bistro format)

La sana gola, Via Carlo Farini, 70 (+39.02.45467659)
It was born as a cooking school, yet it is also an organic and natural food restaurant. During the week it is only open at lunchtime, while they organise special dinner events at the weekends. Average price is 25€

NaBi, Via Cadore, 41 (+39.02.36740247)
It is often presented as the first vegetarian burger place in Milan, but there’s more than burgers in the rich, organic menu of this restaurant. Average price is 25€

Cauliflower cous cous with fresh veggies and tamari sauce, from Mantra Raw Vegan

Cauliflower cous cous with fresh veggies and tamari sauce, from Mantra Raw Vegan

Mantra Raw Vegan, Via Panfilo Castaldi, 21 (+39.02.89058575)
Self-defined as "the restaurant that cooks nothing": despite this strict rule, chef Alberto Paluello creates original dishes, capable of being both delicious and healthy. Average price is 40€

Mudra, Via Parenzo, 7 (+39.02.89282361)
Founded in 2010 by a couple in love with Indian culture, this place offers a strictly vegan menu, without any pre-processed products and without any sugar. Average price is 30€

Osteria al 55, Via Messina, 55 (+39.02.49752286)
This restaurant was founded by chef Michele Maino: the menu is minimal at lunchtime, while in the evening there’s a six course tasting menu, all dishes being vegetarian, vegan or raw-diet. Average price is 39€

Total White Salad, from Osteria al 55

Total White Salad, from Osteria al 55

Radicetonda, Via Spallanzani, 16 (+39.02.36737924), Piazza Buozzi, 5 (+39.02.36736669)
An informal and modern place, where soups are the specialty: there are as many as 240 and every day a few versions are presented, together with many other dishes. Average price is 20€

Rosmarino, Viale Pasubio, 16 (+39.02.39663211)
This delicatessen shop offers a restaurant service thanks to the collaboration with Mens@sana, a small chain offering natural products using organic ingredients. Average price is 1s5€


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