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A mouth watering page, published every Sunday in Il Giornale from November 1999 to the autumn of 2010. Stories and personalities that continue to live in this website

The Cerea brothers and their talent for celebrating the past while constantly renewing themselves

Magic in Brusaporto with a unique Catalana, one of the great dishes that Chicco and Bobo inherited from dad Vittorio

16-09-2020 | 11:00
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A fantastic risotto-version of ham and melon

Giovanni Ricciardella, chef at Cascina Vittoria in Rognano (Pavia), transformed a banal summer recipe into a masterpiece

11-09-2020 | 11:00
Read | 11-09-2020 | 11:00 | Affari di Gola di Paolo Marchi

Two special months for Imago

With the Hassler still closed, chef Antonini and maître Amato in June moved the restaurant to the 7th floor, on a 250 sqm terrace. The results were excellent. The last service on Ferragosto

09-09-2020 | 11:00
Read | 09-09-2020 | 11:00 | Affari di Gola di Paolo Marchi

Here’s the new Exit: 100% pasta

Perdomo will open in Milan, in the autumn, his Pastificio Urbano where he will only serve pasta dishes: «I got the idea when I was still in Montevideo and everyone wanted fettuccine Alfredo»

24-07-2020 | 11:00
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With a little help from my friends

For his new, captivating menu, Bottura used The Beatles as his guide: «Now we can see who’s a real friend and who’s not». And at the entrance the bronze figure of Rose, a housewife from Florida, shines

23-06-2020 | 12:00
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IT, Gennaro Esposito arrives in Milan

The chef launches a nice big project already successful in Ibiza, and perfect for Brera. While these days he’s at work at Festa a Vico 2019

05-06-2019 | 12:00
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Viviana, hurray for the new Alice

Lots of news from Varese, including a male dining room and cooks who fled the wars in Africa. The problem of depression

11-04-2019 | 12:00

Lots of news from AliceViviana Varese’s restaurant inside Eataly Smeraldo in Milan. Left to right, Gianluca De Marco and Luis Diaz, the two new maîtres, then the chef with Ritu Dalmia, the Indian restaurant-woman who bought 20% of Varese’s business. Finally, the two sommeliers, Federica Radice and Jessica Rocchi

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