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The Venice of the Venetians: 30 establishments recommended by those who were born and live there

Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto, chef at restaurant Venissa, take us on a fascinating tour of the lagoon city, far from any tourist routes

Vino Vero, Fondamenta de la Miseric

Vino Vero, Fondamenta de la Misericordia 2497, +390412750044 (photo

by Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto

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Berton's Natura is a hymn to joy

The Milanese chef has added a third tasting menu entirely dedicated to the vegetable world, full of substance and inspiration. No more preconceptions about veg preparations, not least because their seasons are almost ephemeral

Warm Minestrone with legumes, veget

Warm Minestrone with legumes, vegetables and candied onion in a broth of Grana Padano Riserva, a dish from Andrea Berton's Natura menu

by Paolo Marchi

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Oh, we love Luca Doro: pizza and love in Macerata Campania (but now also near Udine!)

Among the best interpreters of that portion of Campania called Terra di Lavoro, the pizzaiolo from Caserta has fascinating agricultural-gourmet style. Here is why. Plus some notes on his new Impronta Doro in Cervignano del Friuli

Luca Doro with his mother and

Luca Doro with his mother and grandmother. The pizzaiolo from Doro Gourmet in Macerata Campania has now landed in Friuli too, with Impronta Doro in Cervignano (Udine)


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Nancy Silverton and Franco Pepe: Authentic emotion

The much-loved Californian chef and pizza maker was the guest of Authentica, the special room at Pepe In Grani, in Caiazzo, for a four-handed dinner balancing Italy and the United States

Nancy Silverton was the guest of Fr

Nancy Silverton was the guest of Franco Pepe and his Pepe In Grani, for the Authentica 10 dinner series, celebrating ten years since the pizzeria's opening (2012-2022)

by Niccolò Vecchia

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Richard Juhlin and his new book Champagne Magnum Opus, the real Champagne Bible

350 pages of research, tastings and descriptions from one of the top experts in the Champagne world... so much so he can recognise over 13’000 bottles in a blind tasting

Champagne Magnum Opus by Richa

Champagne Magnum Opus by Richard Juhlin is published in English by Rizzoli Internationl and is available in the bookshops and from the online store (visit the website); 350 pages, recommended price $85.00

by Cinzia Benzi

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Luciano Monosilio's Follie is so good

The king of carbonara has opened a second restaurant in Rome that is anything but traditional. This is why, the name praises creative madness. It’s already excellent, in a five-star luxury hotel on the Janiculum, Villa Agrippina

by Paolo Marchi

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Presenting I'm not there, the extraordinary new menu at Osteria Francescana in Modena

Massimo Bottura and his team reinterpret their most famous and iconic dishes and twist them, starting from the cultural biodiversity of the Via Stella brigade. The result is a contemporary, unprecedented and compelling reinterpretation

Il nuovo menu dell'Osteria Fran

Il nuovo menu dell'Osteria Francescana, denominato I’m not there, è una nuova interpretazione di piatti classici del ristorante modenese. Tutte le foto sono di Paolo Terzi

by Alan Jones

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Saperi e Sapori, a book celebrates the icon

In the 1990s, Argenta was the centre of gastronomic creativity thanks to Giancinto Rossetti and Igles Corelli's Trigabolo and the event they created. ‘It was like the internet today, all sorts of new information came that way’. Salvatore Marchese has coll

On the 18th of March 2023 Andrea Ba

On the 18th of March 2023 Andrea Baldini, mayor of Argenta, and Igles Corelli, unveil the plaque commemorating the Saperi e Sapori event at the Centro Culturale dei Cappuccini

by Paolo Marchi

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'Our journey through the unpleasant flavours of Salento': the provocative and precise fine dining offer of Bros in Lecce

We’re back at Isabella Potì and Floriano Pellegrino's to marvel once again at their research into Salento's gastronomic roots and at the consistency/skill with which they tread a narrow path. With constantly great results

Isabella Potì and Floriano P

Isabella Potì and Floriano Pellegrino, wife-husband but above all chefs at Bros in Lecce

by Carlo Passera

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28 April 2023: the first Italian Catering Day

In Rome and throughout Italy, initiatives and events to enhance the restaurant supply chain, the culture of hospitality and conviviality. The report on the day at the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, with the participation of Identità Golose

Minister of Business and Made in It

Minister of Business and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso together with Lino Enrico Stoppani, President of FIPE-Confcommercio, for the opening of the first Catering Day

by Identità Golose

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The regenerating power of a sabbatical: Salvatore Bianco reopens Il Comandante

The restaurant at the Romeo Hotel in Naples has been completely renovated after 15 months. In the meantime, the chef explored new directions that already benefit his cuisine: technique and historical Neapolitan cookbooks

Salvatore Bianco and Alfredo Manzon

Salvatore Bianco and Alfredo Manzoni, chef and maître of the new restaurant Il Comandante at the Romeo Hotel in Naples

by Gabriele Zanatta

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Who is Adam Handling, tireless chef whose dessert will celebrate the coronation of King Charles III

One Michelin star at the Frog in Covent Garden, a restaurant in Cornwall, a pub in Windsor, author of several books, tv star and sustainability maniac: the thousand faces of the Scottish chef who is conquering the UK

Adam Handling chef at the 

Adam Handling chef at the Frog restaurant in Covent Garden, London


Photo credits @Hazel Thompson

by Federica Carr

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Guida 2023
Acqua Panna S.Pellegrino


Dalla Teatro Manzoni di Milano, la presentazione della sedicesima edizione della Guida ai ristoranti d'autore in Italia e nel mondo con i premi alle giovani stelle.

Scarica l'App gratuita

Bollicine del mondo.

Dal teatro Manzoni di Milano, la presentazione della nuova App gratutia dedicata al mondo delle bollicine.
500 cantine, 21 itinerari enogastronomici, 25 Paesi, 6 continenti, 14 appassionati di vino: questi i numeri di Bollicine del mondo, l’innovativa app firmata Identità Web, nata da un’idea di Cinzia Benzi, autorevole Donna del vino e Paolo Marchi, Ideatore e curatore di Identità Golose.

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Nadia and Antonio Santini, 50 years of love and cooking

The patrons of Dal Pescatore in Canneto sull'Oglio met in 1973. It was the beginning of a unique epic. ‘What’s important is to maintain our own identity at all times. And to support young people’

Nadia and Giovanni Santini, generat

Nadia and Giovanni Santini, generations alongside in the kitchen of Dal Pescatore, in Runate, Canneto sull'Oglio (Mantua)

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Hospitality is about feeling welcome

A career with its history and dignity that must recover its social and economic value, like chefs. Thoughts from dining room expert Mattia Cicognani

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Paolo Griffa at Caffè Nazionale in Aosta reveals a multifaceted and surprising maturity

Only a few months after its opening, the carefully renovated historic restaurant bestows a dynamic and multifaceted offer. In which the gourmet restaurant is already sparkling

Paolo Griffa in the kitchen of his

Paolo Griffa in the kitchen of his new Caffè Nazionale di Aosta

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Double brigade, team psychologist and passing on knowledge to young people: Joan Roca's lesson

The Catalan chef: 'Catering has never been a big business, nor will it ever be. That does not mean that we should not try to improve, day after day'.

Joan Roca, 59, chef and patron at C

Joan Roca, 59, chef and patron at Celler de Can Roca in Gerona, Spain. The picture was taken during a four-handed dinner with friend and colleague Paco Perez, Arco restaurant in Gdansk, Poland

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Ten years of Da Vittorio in Sankt Moritz: how to make Italian cuisine and hospitality great, even abroad

A story that goes back a long way and has never betrayed its origins: the Cerea family, with executive chef Paolo Rota, know how to make you feel at home even in a historic place as the 5-star Carlton Hotel in the exclusive Swiss holiday resort. Our repor

Centre, Chicco Cerea and Paolo Rota

Centre, Chicco Cerea and Paolo Rota, chefs at Da Vittorio, in Sankt Moritz, at the moment of the awarding of the two stars in 2020

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Talks about Food and Future: in search of solutions for the catering of the future

In Milan, in Denis Lovatel's pizzeria, the first event in Italy by Food on the Edge, the Irish food symposium: two days entirely dedicated to the promotion of sustainability in the gastronomic sector. Our report

Left to right, the chefs who took p

Left to right, the chefs who took part in the Talks about Food and Future event on the 27th and 28th March at Denis Lovatel's pizzeria in Milan: Amanda Cohen, Blanca Del Noval, Jp McMahon, Denis Lovatel, Davide Oldani, Matt Orlando - photo credits Richard Gruica

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Presenting the first Restaurant Day in Italy, promoting the entire restaurant industry concretely

On Friday 28th of April the first edition of a yearly event, created by FIPE with the participation of Identità Golose. Altogether, from fine dining restaurants to simple trattorias. Joining is important: here’s how

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The future of Italy belongs to Caranchini as well

The patron of Materia in Cernobbio, Chef of the year for Identità, at 33 is only at the beginning of his career which will leave a mark thanks to the rare gift of matching impossible ingredients and complex techniques, making them seeming simple

Davide Caranchini, Chef of the Year

Davide Caranchini, Chef of the Year for the 2023 Identità Golose Guide, signs the souvenir artwork at the award ceremony on Monday 27th of March 2023 in Milan. Foto Brambilla-Serrani

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