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A vegan recipe for ravioli filled with broad beans and aromatised with hibiscus, invoking a delayed season

Broad beans ravioli with smoked almond curd aromat

Broad beans ravioli with smoked almond curd aromatised with olive tree and red onions with notes of hibiscus by Daniela Cicioni - a dish with smoky, bitter and tart notes and spring scents

A totally vegetal recipe, a mixture of flavours and textures. The creaminess of the curd embraces the aromatic strength of the smoked olive tree. The red onion counterbalances the bitterness of the broad beans and the tartness of the raspberry vinegar while the hibiscus amplifies the different sensations.

Broad beans ravioli, smoked almond curd aromatised with olive tree and red onions with notes of hibiscus

Recipe for 4 people

100 g re-milled durum wheat semolina
100 g broad beans flour
120 ml water
10 ml extra virgin olive oil
4 g powdered hibiscus


260 g almond curd, of which 130 g of smoked curd (leave 8 slices to decorate)
100 g red onion (stewed in extra virgin olive oil, salt and 15 ml of raspberry vinegar)
10 g brewer’s yeast flakes
10 g chopped wild garlic
15 ml extra virgin olive oil
100 g fresh broad beans blanched for 1 minute in salted water, shelled and braised for two minutes with oil and salt

Red onion sauce
50 g red onion (stewed in extra virgin olive oil, salt and 5 ml of raspberry vinegar)
20 ml hibiscus infusion

Air of raspberry and hibiscus
20 g red onion (stewed in extra virgin olive oil, salt and 5 ml of raspberry vinegar)
100 ml hibiscus infusion
2 g soy lecithin

Almond curd
1 l almond milk
40 ml apple vinegar
3 g salt

Dried red onion
50 g red onion, julienne cut
2 g powdered hibiscus
5 ml raspberry vinegar
5 ml olio extra virgin olive oil


Almond curd (to be prepared 24 hours in advance)
In a pot, bring the milk to 85°C. When you’ve almost reached this temperature, add the salt and mix with a wooden spoon. Add the vinegar, turn off the gas and cover. Leave to rest for 15 minutes. Prepare two 250 ml ricotta moulds covered with muslin. Put the curd into the two moulds using a perforated spoon. Cover and leave in the fridge for 24 hours.

Smoking the curd
Put a 3 cm thick layer of olive tree chips as well as a few small branches and leaves into a pot with a thick bottom. Place a grid with small links on top – this will be used to hold the curd. Cover it hermetically, put it on a very low gas and leave it for an hour. Turn off the gas and leave it to cool.


Knead all the ingredients except for the hibiscus which will be added in the end. Leave the dough to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes and then roll it out very thinly using a machine.
Mix all the ingredients for the filling and shape the ravioli using a 6 cm of diameter pastry cutter. Cook the ravioli in salted boiling water for 3 minutes, drain them and add a little oil.

Red onion sauce
Blend the onion with the hibiscus infusion and then strain it.

Air of raspberry and hibiscus
Blend the onion and strain it, mix the resulting juice with the hibiscus and soy lecithin. Blend the mixture for a couple of minutes until you obtain a thick layer of lather.

Dried red onion
Mix all the ingredients and leave them to dry at 42°C for 12 hours.

Composing the dish
Draw some comma shaped signs with the sauce, place five broad beans on the dish and then a petal of edible flowers. Put two ravioli on the plate and, above each one, add a small quantity of dried onions and a slice of smoked curd with a few flakes of black Cyprus salt. Finish with a spoon of Air of raspberry and hibiscus.


Healthy, natural and vegetarian cuisine


Daniela Cicioni

Vegan and rawist chef based in Como

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