Steamed green tea rolls

Small morsels that confirm a theory: it is indeed possible to prepare food that is both healthy and tasty

(photo by Emanuele De Marco)

(photo by Emanuele De Marco)

The steamed green tea rolls are a surprise in many ways. They are very soft and coloured in a totally natural way. Their round shape makes it possible to cook them in a very short time, which raises the glycaemic index only a little, something which confirms that health can go hand in hand with a creative and fun cuisine. Instead of baking them, they are steamed, for which we can use a casserole tin with a holed basket inside and a hermetic lid. The rolls can then be cooked on top of the holed basket while water boils on the base of the casserole as long as the lid is well closed.

Steamed green tea rolls

400 g of semi-whole-wheat flour (type 2)
200 g whole-wheat-flour
300 g water, better if spring water
100 g vine-seed oil
9 g salt
8 g fresh yeast
6 g powdered Matcha tea
2 g Sichuan pepper
semi-whole-wheat for the kneading

1) Melt the yeast into the necessary water, as indicated in the recipe. Put the two flours and the salt into a large bowl, together with the powdered tea and the Sichuan pepper milled on the spot; mix with a whisk so that all the ingredients are finely mixed. Pour the liquid part on top and knead with your hands for 5 minutes. Create a ball with the dough and wrap it in cling film. Leave it to rest for about an hour in a temperate room.

2) Roll out the dough using a rolling film until the pastry is about half a cm thick. Using a 4cm round pastry cutter, cut out some disks, place them on a holed tin, suitable for steaming and covered with paper. Cover the tin with a dampened linen or cotton cloth and leave to leaven in a temperate room until the rolls are twice the initial volume.

3) Steam at maximum power for 10 minutes.


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Simone Salvini