My Christmas wish list

Slovenian Ana Roš and her serious joke on how difficult it is to be a chef and a mother

by Ana Roš
Ana Roš, chef of Hiša Franko in Staro Selo, Kob

Ana Roš, chef of Hiša Franko in Staro Selo, Kobarid (Slovenia). She decided to become a cook 10 years ago, after graduating in Diplomatic sciences in Italy. She works with her life-partner Valter Kramar, the maître/sommelier (photo by

At the moment I was asked to write down something regarding a role of the woman in the kitchen today, I got a text in my mind speaking about waking up with my children (very) early in the morning, time spent at the computer, in the kitchen, time spent in yelling, cooking, troughing away, begging and thinking. There is always the time I regret what I do, because my children miss their mother, because my housband is an abstracion, my home is a mess at the moment and my cleaning lady leaves it. And I feel sorry, because my best friend found a new friend for running, shopping and gossiping. It is actually what you want to read about.

That is why I still keep my hot list of "christmas" wishes
- No limit shopping (if possible with someone else's credit card), no matter whether it is about clothes, shoes, spices, some strange african food or little kitchen machines.
- One hour of beach volley every summer day, winning of course.
- Yoga-1 hour per day.

- Nordic walking-1 hour per every winter day.
- A drink with my friends every Thursday evening.
- Being regular on school meetings.
- A great, ambitious, big brigade in the kitchen.
- A 12 months lasting season.
- 1 week in Sri Lanka with my best female friends, pretending doing mediation, diet &some strange ayurvedic treatments, but really just feeling lazy and do nothing (children stay at home).

Santa Claus is coming soon. Our Christmas tree is ready, my wishes are written down. My beautiful red shoes - which drive people crazy because I do use them in the kitchen every single day - just to remind me that I am still a woman. I should add a pair of new ones to my "secret wish list". Am I a chef or am I a woman? Can I have both?

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