The Briscola dilemma: pizza or pizzine?

New openings and a growing offer for the brand with restaurants in Milan and Florence, where you can choose between regular and small pizzas


Briscola - Pizza Society, the Foodation brand launched in 2015 in Milan, in Via Fogazzaro 9,now with four restaurants in Milan and two more in Florence, keeps on growing. It’s an expanding universe – and indeed it won the prize for "Italy’s best restaurant chains – Pizzeria 2019" from Food Service magazine – especially after Francesco Trapani, ex CEO at Bulgari and manager at Lvmh, ex executive president at Clessidra and a current shareholder at Tiffany and Tages Holding joined Foodation, the holding founded in 2013 by Riccardo Cortese and Federico Pinna.In July 2017 he bought 53% of the company through Argenta holding.

«With this turning point, we’ve entered phase two, widening the offer (Briscola now no longer offers just pizza, but a larger menu too), repositioning the brand and increasing the number of restaurants» Daniele Gargano, marketing manager at Foodation, says.So they’ll open a new Briscola restaurant in the spring, also in Milan, in the Garibaldi neighbourhood; and last June they’ve opened two place in Milan, one in Viale della Liberazione 15 (Porta Nuova) and one in Piazza Duomo (Via Marconi on the corner with Via Dogana), in front of Museo del Novecento: a real flagship for Briscola, with 400 square metres (four times bigger than the previous places) which can boast a design by architect Fabio Novembre, in charge of the restyling of all the new stores.

While the menu now offers a larger range of dishes, pizza is still the focus. It follows a Neapolitan style, but is cooked in an electric oven and the dough, made with a blend of Petra flour,matures for over 24 hours.It’s available in two versions, the classic round one, and the more popular one, the 18-20 cm pizzine,which allow to taste multiple types, in a sort of tasting menu. Thanks to the Pizza Sharing format, people often order two types of pizzine. «Guests often start by trying a more classic topping, then move to a more creative one». Among the latter, Mortadella and pistachios (fior di latte, mortadella GPI and pistachio pesto) and California (mozzarella fior di latte, smoked salmon, avocado, sun dried tomatoes and sesame seeds) are the most popular.

Translated into English by Slawka Scarso


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