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The 2023 Identità Golose Guide: the presentation at Teatro Manzoni in Milan

A packed theatre cheered the 16th edition of the guide to Italian and international fine dining restaurants and the young star awards

The 22 Young Stars, awarded in the

The 22 Young Stars, awarded in the 2023 edition of the Guida di Identità Golose, taking a group photo at Teatro Manzoni at the end of the presentation
(all photos are by Brambilla / Serrani)

by Niccolò Vecchia

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Guida alla Guida

Identità Golose Guide, the 2023 edition is online: all the figures and awards to young stars

There are 1,196 signs this year (+150 compared to last year). 244 new establishments, 105 pizzerias, cocktail bars have tripled (35), ice cream parlours make their debut (12). 43 countries reviewed worldwide

All the young stars awarded on Mond

All the young stars awarded on Monday morning at Teatro Manzoni in Milan, on the occasion of the presentation of the Guida ai Ristoranti di Identità  Golose  2023, now online

by Gabriele Zanatta

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Guida alla Guida

Paolo Marchi: 'Despite everything, we eat better and better. And there’s more than fine dining'

A few days ago, we unveiled the contents of the 2023 Restaurant Guide to Italy, Europe and the World in live streaming. The introduction by the founder of Identità Golose

On Monday 27th March we presented t

On Monday 27th March we presented the 16th edition of the Identità Golose Restaurant Guide

by Paolo Marchi

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The Spring of Enrico Crippa

18 years after his first service, the chef of Piazza Duomo shows a special maturity, in his new dishes and in his team management: 'We have increased the number of days off to three and the results are showing'.

Some dishes from the upcoming menu

Some dishes from the upcoming menu 'Seasonal Things', Piazza Duomo in Alba, 3 Michelin stars and 19th in the World's 50Best 2022 (photo Letizia Cigliutti)

by Gabriele Zanatta

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Trèsind Studio: Himanshu Saini proves that Indian cuisine does not exist

The irresistible rise of the New Delhi chef based in Dubai continues. In his dishes, all the colours and flavours of a continent that adds up to infinite and diverse traditions

Himanshu Saini, chef at Très

Himanshu Saini, chef at Trèsind Studio in Dubai (UAE, one Michelin star) and a signature dish from his tasting menu 'Tasting India' (Banana, raw and ripened, served on a miso chilli tartlet with yellow peppers, smoked tomato chutney and balsamic vinegar)

by Kaja Sajovic

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IG2023: ladies and gentlemen, the revolution has been served

Report Identità di Pizza 2023: why the revolution also comes this way

The section of Identità Milano dedicated to pizza, in partnership with Latteria Sorrentina, had some key speakers: Denis Lovatel, Ciccio Vitiello, Giacomo Devoto, Gianmarco Ferrandi, Salvatore Salvo, Jacopo Mercuro, Franco Pepe

All photos are by Brambilla-Serrani

All photos are by Brambilla-Serrani

by Identità Golose

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Dabiz Muñoz’s RavioXO, pasta without cultural preconceptions

In the restaurant that the 43-year-old from Madrid opened almost one year ago, dumplings coexist with tortellini and every dough is analysed in terms of fat, humidity, heat...

Har gau and Jiao zi, two

Har gau and Jiao zi, two types of traditional Chinese dumplings, reproduced by RavioXO, the restaurant that Dabiz Muñoz opened in May 2022. Before that, he was already the patron at DiverXO and StreetXO, also in Madrid (photo instagram/RavioXO)

by Julia Pérez

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Here’s the story of the dessert that tastes of an old book, invented by Jordi Roca at the legendary Celler

It’s back at the restaurant in Gerona, in a new version. The dessert combines an ancient and an avant-garde technique, namely enfleurage and Rotaval, to extract the essence of an old book. It flavours a rice paper printed with quotes from Proust.

Earl Grey tea cream millefeuille, m

Earl Grey tea cream millefeuille, magdalenas ice cream, caramelised butter tiles and old-book flavoured rice paper: the extraordinary dessert designed by Jordi Roca at El Celler de Can Roca, in Girona, Catalonia

by Carlo Passera

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Perbellini's coup: he took over at 12 Apostoli

Born in 1964, Giancarlo will move his Casa from the outskirts to the centre of Verona, to a restaurant where he arrived at twenty when the great Giorgio Gioco, chef and poet, was a hit, awarded single stars by Michelin as early as '59, in the first editio

Handover at 12 Apostoli in Verona.

Handover at 12 Apostoli in Verona. Left to right, Silvia Bernardocchi, Giancarlo Perbellini, Filippo and Antonio Gioco

by Paolo Marchi

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Anthony Genovese: the new Parallels menu is an explosion of taste and intelligence

A restaurant within a restaurant: a small room at Il Pagliaccio in Rome hosts an experience that brings back the most biting and cosmopolitan Genovese, in a menu without a net or flaws. For us, his best ever... to celebrate the restaurant's 20th anniversa

A spoon with one of the ravioli fro

A spoon with one of the ravioli from Un coniglio al mare, a dish from the Parallels Experience menu at Il Pagliaccio in Rome. Chef Anthony Genovese is in a state of grace. Photo Tanio Liotta

by Carlo Passera

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Mauro Colagreco and his mountain cuisine: we stayed at The K in Sankt Moritz, in the legendary Kulm Hotel

In the famous tourist resort of the Upper Engadine in Switzerland, the Italian-Argentine chef offers himself with the same style but a different perspective. A gem that enriches a hotel that boasts a truly incredible history...

The Kulm Hotel in Sankt Moritz and

The Kulm Hotel in Sankt Moritz and chef Mauro Colagreco

by Carlo Passera

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IG2023: ladies and gentlemen, the revolution has been served

Save the date: the next edition of Identità Milano will be from Saturday 9th to Monday 11th March 2024

Here are the official dates for the 19th congress, to be held once again at MiCo in Milan. Paolo Marchi: «We’re back to normality and we’re so unused to it now, after the recent events, that it feels extraordinary»

by Carlo Passera

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Identità di Gelato 2022 | Senigallia

Tutte le masterclass e i protagonisti della terza edizione.

Prima parte

  • Moreno Cedroni e Luca Abbadir
  • Mario Uliassi e Mattia Casabianca
  • Jessica Galletti

Seconda parte

  • Claudio Liu e Luca De Santi
  • Alain Chartier
  • Oscar Quagliarini
  • Paolo Brunelli

Bollicine del mondo.

Dal teatro Manzoni di Milano, la presentazione della nuova App gratutia dedicata al mondo delle bollicine.
500 cantine, 21 itinerari enogastronomici, 25 Paesi, 6 continenti, 14 appassionati di vino: questi i numeri di Bollicine del mondo, l’innovativa app firmata Identità Web, nata da un’idea di Cinzia Benzi, autorevole Donna del vino e Paolo Marchi, Ideatore e curatore di Identità Golose.

Scarica l'App gratuita

Acqua Panna S.Pellegrino


Dalla Teatro Manzoni di Milano, la presentazione della sedicesima edizione della Guida ai ristoranti d'autore in Italia e nel mondo con i premi alle giovani stelle.

Guida 2023

The House of Ronin is now complete thanks to omakase

Milan is more and more Japanese with the arrival of master Katsu Nakaji. Forget the sushi you’re used to. His sushi follows a well-defined line that makes soy sauce and chopsticks useless. The last service will be on the 25th of March

Katsu Nakaji at the omakase at

Katsu Nakaji at the omakase at House of Ronin in Milan

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Identità Milano '23: a success packed with energy: «This is how our bet on change has rewarded us»

Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni assess edition number 18: «We’re adults now, we presented an intense and brave programme, capturing the extraordinary desire to work that you can find in our field»

Paolo Marchi’s words represen

Paolo Marchi’s words representing the Identità Milano 2023 congress. All photos from Brambilla-Serrani

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Jordnær: the restaurant “with the feet on the ground” that tells an authentic love story

Chef Eric Vildgaard with his wife Tina Kragh Vildgaard charm the hearts of Sjælland, the island of the Danish capital

Eric Vildgaard and Tina Kragh

Eric Vildgaard and Tina Kragh Vildgaard, the two souls of restaurant Jordnær in Denmark

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