The Sense of Responsibility: the theme of the congress is the reason for its postponement

Identità Golose 2020 is postponed to July, from Friday the 3rd to Sunday the 5th, due to the Coronavirus alarm. Here’s what Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni say

We took a few extra hours, after the countless enquiries regarding the postponement of Identità Golose 2020, so that we could confirm the necessity of postponing the event while giving you the new dates too, which we set in record time in agreement with Fiera Milano Congressi, the company that runs MiCo, our home for many years now.

So we can now make official not one, but two things. First, Identità Golose 2020 is not cancelled, but postponed a few months because of the well-known reasons. Second, the new dates, which have been confirmed, will be from Friday the 3rd to Sunday the 5th. This will imply some organisational difficulties for us, given this sudden change; but it’s also an – unforeseen – opportunity to have a different, stimulating congress. "Off season" but still coherent with the approach we have given ourselves.

This decision was based on a sense of responsibility, which is in fact the theme of this edition of the congress. 

Here is the official press release:

To all the friends, exhibitors, speakers, journalists and visitors of IDENTITÀ GOLOSE.   

On Sunday 23 February the Region of Lombardy, due to the coronavirus emergency, suspended all public events of any kind.

This makes it impossible for the congress to run as planned, so it has been postponed to July 2020, from Friday the 3rd to Sunday the 5th.

The theme chosen for the 16th edition of IDENTITÀ GOLOSE, The Sense of Responsibility, has inspired us all to respond immediately to this inevitable and necessary decision.

The general structure of the congress will remain intact, while the amount of time available represents an opportunity to build an event even more dense in content and meaning. 

We thank the speakers, exhibitors, communication professionals and all those who immediately expressed their solidarity and conveyed all the necessary energy to start afresh and to safeguard all the work, commitment and trust that we’ve built together.

We’re already at the starting blocks, and certain that this will be the most vibrant congress ever.

See you in Milan!

Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni

Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni

Paolo Marchi explains: «I believe that this 4-month postponement was already implied, in a way, in the theme of the 16th edition of the congress of Identità Golose: the Sense of Responsibility. One cannot give priority to some small, personal requirements when compared to the need of health, clarity, energies necessary to upturn the situation that is devastating North Italy. Our thoughts and actions are now entirely devoted to finding a point from which to get back on top. Over 15 years of commitment have taught us that reality must be understood and never forced. If we have become a point of reference for many, it is because we have never followed ephemeral trends or tried to please someone or some situation. Sometimes we’ve made mistakes, but always walking tall, which is also thanks to an exceptional team».

Claudio Ceroni adds: «Our sense of responsibility is not only meant towards a situation that we hope will soon be scaled down, but as a sense of responsibility for the work done by many people so far. And for the availability that many of the future speakers of the congress have already shown. We’ve taken this decision because as usual, and more than ever, we feel we must guarantee a unique result, possibly unforgettable, both for the speakers, and for the audience. It is for this reason that we preferred to postpone it to an unusual date, at the beginning of July, but which will be – coherently – addressed in the next few weeks by a series of activities we will organise and that will act as a liaison between these complicated days and the summer event».

We’ll speak of the many "Aspettando Identità Golose 2020" events [literally, Waiting for Identità Golose] in the coming days.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

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