Jeff Katz

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Del Posto

85 10th avenue
New York
United States

4 stars on the New York Times, reservations to be made 30 days in advance, 500 guests per day: these may seem imaginary numbers in the mathematics of the unreal, but are, instead, the pillars under the roof of restaurant Del Posto. They are a solid support for the engineering of a successful cuisine, projected upwards, like the skyline of the Big Apple – its crown.

It was in 1974, and to be precise it was in the era of Parioli Romanissimo, that an Italian restaurant last received the highest marks from the strict reviewers of the American newspaper. Moreover, this is one of the seven top restaurants in town, in one of the most competitive scenes in the world, and at last this is not a semi-clandestine place, but a business working at full speed. Founded in 2005 together with Mario Batali, Joe and Lidia Bastianich as the diamond point of a gastronomic empire, it offers a contemporary cuisine based on authentic ingredients, signed by executive chef Mark Ladner, in a solemn location where mahogany is mirrored in the marble.

The merit goes also to general manager Jeff Katz, a young attractive man with a manifold intelligence, who knows the backstage of the restaurant scene and the stage, but also the changing rooms, the machinery and the lights. At number 85 on 10th Avenue he runs various activities as a bar serving nibbles, the dining room with its complex flow, the numerous rooms for private dining, destined for work meetings, celebrations or events, including the picturesque little rooms covered with Piedmontese crus. He strives to satisfy even eccentric requests, such as the playing of live guitar musing; the watchwords include team spirit, constant evolution and flexibility, in order to satisfy guests that from the work lunch to the collection menu, tailor made and served by the chef, are extremely varied.

Jeff Katz has been working in the restaurant scene since the age of 15, when he was helping out in Pellino’s, the family restaurant. After a diploma in marketing from Babson College, in 2004 he became the beverage manager of La Morra Restaurant in Brookline, Massachusetts, and then moved to New York, where he worked in wine distribution. After arriving at Del Posto in 2006, he climbed up the organizational-ladder, from dining room manager to private dining manager, until the current responsibility as general manager.

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