Paolo Piantoni

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

El Forner

via Elia Capriolo, 13
(plus 3 more bakeries)

«I often attend courses and meetings in order to be updated and perfect my knowledge, but then I go back home, I speak with my father and discover he already knew everything, and it would have been enough to ask him. He has huge experience, he only needs to look at the dough to understand if it’s good or if there’s something wrong. All I know, I owe it to him». The words of Paolo Piantoni summarize all his journey, his philosophy. He’s a young bread maker, passionate about his job, who has accepted his family tradition with enthusiasm – the business began in 1937, with his grandfather – managing to conjugate new technologies and understanding with a great respect for origins.

So today he doesn’t back out when it comes to experiments and novelties, as in the case of PetraViva’s germination, but he pays attention to point out that at El Forner they’ve been using Molino Quaglia’s flours for 42 years and he continues to use them because they fully match his attention for nutritional characteristics as well as taste. Paolo loves simple and healthy things, just like with well-made bread. In the family business – in which he looks after the production, while his brother takes care of the sales – you can therefore find loaves and small traditional, naturally leavened breads, including a delicious ciabattina, but also “caserecci” (homely) cakes, focaccias and Roman-style schiacciate.

These are old flavours interpreted in a modern way, since in various shops (two already existed, another two were opened by Paolo and Andrea) you can go from breakfast to pre-dinner aperitif, always finding an excellent offer. He will soon open a fifth shop, where he will offer everything that has to do with bread and sandwiches, including a canteen. Always following the theme of simplicity.

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Paolo Piantoni, born in 1981, together with his brother Andrea today he manages four family shops (plus one more coming up) in the centre of Brescia: bakeries, cafes, and focaccia-shops in which the art of baking is celebrated in all its forms. He takes care of the different types of dough and recipes. Coming from a family of bakers, he says he owes everything he knows to his father, Davide, aged 64, who is still his mentor and master


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