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Young Mexican chef Oscar Sanchez is one to watch

Dining at restaurant La Capital in Mexico City. A very popular casual dining format

Enchiladas filled with duck and served with mole

Enchiladas filled with duck and served with mole negro from Oscar Sanchez, chef at restaurant La Capital in Mexico City 

La Capital is a contemporary restaurant in Mexico City with one feature above all: it satisfies the desires of guests looking for a casual dining offer. In other words, the cuisine is high quality but with no frills, based on great ingredients which give life to very tasty recipes. 

The restaurant is in Condesa, a rather competitive neighbourhood, with many remarkable establishments. For the past few years, the restaurant of chef Oscar Sanchez has been charming guests with its interpretation of Mexican cuisine. The offer is inspired by his memories, so in the menu you’ll see new takes on dishes from regional, urban and homemade cuisine. The offer is inventive, modern, with lively colours supported by very special presentations, sometimes influenced by Aztec and Maya symbols, something that has also influenced many of the tattoos on the chef’s arms.

Among the specialties worth mentioning, there’s the Guacamole with pomegranate, requeson (a cheese that’s very similar to ricotta) and coriander water, served with chips of plantain, sweet potato and potato. It’s the perfect dish to be shared across the table. And without any doubt the best guacamole in town. Then there’s Fideo seco, that is to say broken capellini in a sauce of tomato and chilli pepper, which he finishes with a layer of avocado and cream that creates a splendid decoration inspired by pre-Hispanic symbols, a recipe of homemade cuisine that Oscar has raised to a new sophisticated standard.

Oscar Sanchez

Oscar Sanchez

The chef’s tattoos: these are all pre-Columbian symbols 

The chef’s tattoos: these are all pre-Columbian symbols 

And then there’s Enchiladas filled with duck and served with mole negro, a very good mole and a perfect match for the duck meat. Corn Tostada with fresh tuna, fried leek and chipotlemayonnaise, one of the most popular dishes among the guests at La Capital. Chicken breast with pistachios, wrapped in corn ash and a fake corn “risotto”. Fish Aguachile with onion and coriander. As for desserts, there’s a must you cannot miss: Chocolate fondant with chile ancho and passion fruit sorbet.

The list of cocktails is prepared with great attention and creativity, with some masterpieces of mixology, such El jarrito mezcal, mango and citrus fruits; Maria Félix (a tribute to the unforgettable actress, an icon from the golden days of Mexican cinema) mezcal, chamoy and mango. Hada verde with gin, lemon and basil struck us in particular because it’s very refreshing and has perfectly balanced flavours. So good we asked for the recipe, so we can make it at home.

Chef Oscar Sanchez is clearly one to watch in the Mexican culinary industry. His offer shows liveliness, dynamism and lots of attention to high quality and seasonal ingredients. A different Mexican cuisine, inspired by tradition and always looking at the future. La Capital recently opened a branch in Parque La Mexicana in Santa Fé.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

Guacamole with pomegranate, requeson and coriander water 

Guacamole with pomegranate, requeson and coriander water 

Fideo seco

Fideo seco

La Capital
avenida Nuevo León 137
Città del Messico, Messico

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