Bellavista’s Meraviglioso

Presenting the newborn from the winery in Franciacorta: a blend of historic vintages

Vittorio Moretti, patron at Bellavista, decided t

Vittorio Moretti, patron at Bellavista, decided to put his name on the label of the latest born in his winery, Meraviglioso. That is to say a cuvée of as many as six great vintages of the “riserva”, the summary of almost forty years in the vineyard and in the cellar

Meraviglioso, nomen omen. When the patron of Bellavista first tasted the new “metodo classico” he exclaimed: «Meraviglioso!». Marvellous. That’s it. Hence the choice of the name came natural, it had to be this. 

Now, upon presenting the newborn to the press, Vittorio Moretti’s eyes are glistening. He likes the wine in his glass, and not just because he was the one to make it. A creamy foam, a continuous perlage with elegantly fine bubbles appearing with liveliness and persistence.

Yet there’s something else making Moretti so lively, that is to say the recent nomination to president of Consorzio Franciacorta. Beside him, his daughter Francesca and oenologist Mattia Vezzola. As for the new mandate, Bellavista’s patron explains: «I am an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs love challenges. The strategic course of action of my mandate can be defined by three very simple values: truth, justice and beauty». Or marvel, if you wish. 

The Bellavista cellar

The Bellavista cellar

Meravigliso is a blend of historic vintages for the winery in Erbusco: 1984, 1988, 1991, 1995, 2001 and 2002. Mattia Vezzola, sitting at Ristorante Armani in Milan, explains:  «I wanted this cuvée to tell the story of Bellavista and of the man who created it. I wasn’t looking for an exercise in style, to prove some oenological skills. I deeply wanted to create a Franciacorta wine that would present the most intimate and true soul of this company».

For this new product, they paid attention both to what is inside the bottle and what is outside too. The six colours on the label are inspired by the abstract art of the greatest artists that have worked at the same time when Bellavista was born. An avantgarde art current, that is to say Optical Art, which in Italy was expressed in the works of Michelangelo Pistoletto, Lucio Fontana and Bruno Munari.

Excellent when tasted and beautiful on the table, Meraviglioso is also a perfect pair with food, especially if we want dishes of a special quality. Between one story and the other, told by Mr. Moretti and Mattia Vezzola, the newly-starred chef Filippo Gozzoli of Ristorante Armani poured out his creativity.

Steamed jacked potato with caviar

Steamed jacked potato with caviar

The most stunning dishes were Scrambled eggs with truffle and Steamed jacked potato with caviar. The Small Tartare from Maremma of Tenuta La Badiola served with caviar also stood out. The meat used by the chef for the steak tartare is farmed in Castiglion della Pescaia (Grosseto) in one of Moretti’s estates.

A good pair for the refined dishes prepared by Gozzoli and elegant in the glass, Meraviglioso pleases with its freshness, which will be essential for its future. A future that manifests itself with the typical expectation of valuable things. Meraviglioso rests for twelve years in the cellar. As with every high quality product, it needs time to express its best characteristics. We toast to the present with this new product from Bellavista, but how about Meraviglioso in the future? It could be ready by 2028… who knows.


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