Pizza at Birra del Borgo’s Banconi, in Rome

After the Osteria opened in Prati by the craft brewers from Lazio, there are now two more restaurants where they experiment on a different format


After opening Osteria di Birra del Borgo in Prati, in Rome – very popular for its “house” beers and for the pizza baked in the tin by Luca Pezzetta (andthe other dishes too) – the brewery created by Leonardo Di Vincenzo now arrives in the capital with the Bancone format.

Available since 2016 in their headquarters in Borgorose, the format allows visitors to taste various beers, paired with some simple but properly made dishes, enjoying the brewery as a place to meet and socialize.

The same spirit – as well as the same visual identity linked to the brand from Lazio, from the brass counter to the tower logo – is featured in the two new places in town. There’s Bancone di Pigneto, created as an essentially “on the road” place seating 40 people outside and 12 by the counter, with seven BdB draught beers and classic and beer-based cocktails to be matched with small snacks.

And Bancone in Piazza Bologna which, seating 40 people in the dining room and 24 outside, on top of being suitable for an aperitif can also welcome guests for dinner, with 10 draught beers, cocktails and a culinary offer that ranges from fried food to sandwiches, to high quality selections of charcuterie and cheese, and most of all pizza, with dough and toppings supervised by Pezzetta.

Translated into English by Slawka Scarso


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