Hurrah for Èvviva

On Wednesday, Franco Aliberti and Andrea Muccioli’s restaurant opens in Riccione. Cooking with no waste

Èvviva’s team in Viale Gramsci 31 in Riccione (

Èvviva’s team in Viale Gramsci 31 in Riccione (Fc), tel. +39.0541.694098, opening on Wednesday April 2nd. Franco Aliberti and Andrea Muccioli (the first two on the left) have conceived this cafe, pastry-shop, restaurant, cooking school and store all in the same place (photos by Giorgio Salvatori)

“Follow the direction of the Grand Hotel, cross the imposing gate at the entrance, count 20 steps and turn left into a wide courtyard”. What will you find here on Wednesday April 2nd? What was a laundry shop in the Thirties, then turned into army barracks for the British soldiers, right after the war – as still indicated by the names give to each dormitory. The building was renovated and transformed into Èvviva, the ambitious project offering cakes and food with now waste by «commanders» Franco Aliberti and Andrea Muccioli, the son of the famous Vincenzo who founded the San Patrignano community.

The dining room with the long table in the kitchen

The dining room with the long table in the kitchen

The first evidence of the fact there won’t be any wastes, is the finely looked after kitchen garden, created by Franco’s mother who came from Pompei with tomato plants in her suitcase. All around, there’s the building site. A low counter, covered with old renovated doors. The first sign. The chefs will serve the guests directly and speak with them. Second sign. The walls will not be covered. Third sign. Any waste from the preparation, such as potato skins or fish heads will be part of other recipes. Fourth sign. There will be simple recipes such as pasta and potatoes or pasta and tomato sauce. Fifth.

Rice, mackerel, citrus fruits, almonds, red onions

Rice, mackerel, citrus fruits, almonds, red onions

As of next Tuesday Èvviva will get started. It will be a café, pastry-shop, restaurant, cooking school and store which people will be able to buy, on top of food, even all the objects in display.
“Èvviva [literally Hurrah] is an ode to life and at the same time a slogan for sports fanatics. Viva, lively, like the raw materials we will use here, lively, like the atmosphere that will reign here. Like the cheering for one’s favourite football team one would write on diaries and pencil cases as a child". Aliberti indeed speaks like a child on his first day at school but with the conscience of someone who has a backpack full of experience on his shoulders. Lot’s has already been said about the use of local ingredients. In this case, they are trying to go beyond that. Beyond all the wasted words and beyond food itself.

The fact raw materials will be seasonal, of great quality and totally traceable is given. What we would like to focus a little more, is the team. The average age is below 26. They come from all of Italy. More than workers in a multitasking restaurant, the guys chosen by Franco and Andrea will be the first participants in an academy. They will be able to use the dormitory on top of the restaurant and, in turn, participate in training internships with masters and artisans in Italy’s high quality food and wine sector.

As for the pastry making, we can expect something original. Franco Aliberti is a pastry-chef. With an experience at Osteria Francescana, where he worked extensively on savoury dishes. There won’t be twenty types of mignon cakes but some classics together with French-style single portions and experimental cakes made with herbs and “savoury” ingredients. On top of some sweet kit to be prepared at home following the instructions on the pack. The rigour of the pastry-chef will be taught to all the well-promising team members. A poster hanging on the wall will illustrate all the numbers illustrating the time, space, efforts, friends, investments necessary to create Èvviva.

Viale Gramsci 31
Riccione (Fc)
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