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Paolo Teverini’s idea: an agency taking care of all the “out of kitchen” engagements

Paolo Teverini, chef at the homonymous restaurant

Paolo Teverini, chef at the homonymous restaurant in Bagno di Romagna (FC), tel. +39.0543.911260, is, together with Irina Flamigni, the creator of this agency that offers to work so that the great chefs can increase their visibility and travel to present their work

At a time when a chef is as recognisable and visible on the media as an actor or a singer, it is natural that sooner or later a business managing the “out of kitchen” engagements of the chefs in a professional way would appear. This is a real agency, in other words, like the ones managing artists. It is called Cheffintour Management and is born out of an idea of Irina Flamigni and Paolo Teverini, experienced chef at the homonymous restaurant in Bagno di Romagna (FC), always focused on defending Italian cuisine.

One of the first chefs to be "represented" by the agency: Roberto Cerea

One of the first chefs to be "represented" by the agency: Roberto Cerea

What urged them, we read in the official motivations, is «the great passion for national cuisine and a profound desire to make the creativity that characterises the greatest Italian chefs travel and be known on a wider scale» the creators say. «Cheffintour Management offers to develop all the different facets linked to Italian cuisine, including them in usual and unusual events, and contacting many colleagues and friends who share the same passion for work, while collecting in a short time, both approval and enthusiasm».

They offer various services: from professional training in cooking schools to cooking shows; from catering services to private cooking days for businesses and organisations; from consultancy to catering schools to the selection and hiring of guest chefs in restaurants in Italy and abroad. The portfolio is very wide and remarkable. From the tri-Michelin-starred Cerea brothers to the younger chefs, about to receive important acknowledgements. Around 40 chefs have already accepted to be part of the project. The activity began recently and the Cheffintour website has been online only since a few days ago.

Gennaro Esposito, is also one of the chefs managed by Cheffintour Management

Gennaro Esposito, is also one of the chefs managed by Cheffintour Management

Paolo Teverini and Irina are certain this new adventure is a good idea. Their plus is the fact they well know the issues and problems that can occur to chefs and to companies, schools and events that require their presence. And they know the market and its requirements. They have chosen to be a filter in the dialogue between chef and client, knowing the rules each part has and thus optimizing everyone’s work.

They say the strong point is the fact the agency guarantees both sides: the chef, selected according to the client’s request, doesn’t risk to waste time (and money) in situations that are not always easy to manage while the client only has to interact with the agency, thus avoiding to relate with the chef directly (if not to meet him before the event) and thus overcoming the problem of kitchen schedules, which do not always coincide with those of an office, logistic issues and any other complexity. On paper the project has all the capacity to grow. We only need to wait for reality to prove itself.



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