Smoked squacquerone risotto, saffron pears and "Mora" bacon

Fabio Rossi


600 g of Carnaroli rice
100 g of squacquerone
120 g of scallion
white wine
200 g of butter
200 g of Grana Padano
vegetable stock
100 g of sugar
100 g of water
1 kg of pears
1 g of saffron
200 g of "Mora" bacon



Place the squacquerone on a double-bottomed tray, filling the cavity with ice (so the cheese doesn't overheat) and smoke.

Make a syrup with the sugar and water, add the saffron, peel the pears, cut into cubes, place them in a vacuum bag with the cold syrup and cook at 85 °C for 12 minutes.
When ready, drain the pears and place them to dry. Grind into a powder.
The liquid has to be thickened slightly with vegetable starch and used on the rice.

Cut the bacon into fine slices and lay them between 2 sheets of baking paper, placing a light weight on top and cooking at 170 °C until crisp.

Gently cook the scallion with a little sugar, toast the rice for a few minutes and add the white wine. Leave to evaporate and add the vegetable stock until three quarters of the way through cooking. Add the smoked squacquerone.
Cut the matured bacon into cubes and fry until crispy, then add to the rice. Stir in the Grana Padano and the butter.

Sprinkle some crushed saffron pistils onto the plate, pour in the rice, flatten it, add the pear powder and place the bacon crisp in the centre. Decorate with the sauce.