Sea mousse

Angler fish mousse
0.1 l of mousse per person
Prepare the fish stock in a 10-litre pan, using: the head of the angler fish, mixed vegetables, fresh seaweed, dried seaweed, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Angler fish stock

Cut the angler fish into cubes and fry in olive oil. Add salt and pepper and some stock. Add a little olive oil, some potatoes and a little Xanthan. Process in the Turmix and drain. Place everything in a siphon. Keep in a bain-marie.

Caulerpa seaweed cube

1 cube per person
Boil the dried seaweed stock and add the fish stock in doses of about 0.5 dl per person. Boil the fried seaweed stock and add the fish stock. Mix the two stocks and process with the Turmix. Drain and add the sheets of gelatine. Fill the moulds and sprinkle with powdered seaweed. Place in the fridge.

Enteromorpha seaweed pearls
about ten pearls per person
Cook a quite large potato in 0.2 l of fish stock. Add 250 g of fried seaweed and cook for a few minutes. Process with the Turmix: we need to obtain the density of a purée. Drop into liquid hydrogen. Store in the freezer.

Sea water balls
Prepare 1 l of water, add 5 g of algin and process with the Turmix. Place the liquid in a vacuum to remove the air. Add 6 g of gluco and 0.8 g of xanthan to 250 g of sea mousse and process with the Turmix again. Make a ball, which we will heat before serving.

Place the seaweed cube on a plate. Add the fish mousse from the siphon. Serve the seaweed pearls on a spoon. Serve the sea ball on a spoon.