Coal flamed tartar of roe deer served with it´s own heart. Accidulated cream flavoured with smoked eel finished with bleak roe from the lake Mälaren and melted animal fat.

Björn Frantzén

For 4 people

200g of roe deer
1 heart of roe deer
150g accidulated cream
50g of smoked eel
40g of finely chopped shallots
30g of bleak roe
50g of melted animal fat
Tellicherry pepper


Blanch the finely chopped shallots, mix the eel to a paste.
Mix the accidulated cream, smoked eel and blanched shallotts and taste with salt and a touch of lemonjuice.
Remove the membrane from the heart and the meat.
Fry the heart medium rare and let it rest.
Coal flame the meat and chop too a fine tartar. Blend it with some melted fat, salt and pepper.
Serve with a slice of heart, smoked eelcreme, Top of with chives, bleak roe and the rest of the melted fat.