Assorted shellfish and seaweed-lemon ice

Braised abalone
Clams, steamed and removed from shell, trimmed
Small prawns, steamed, peeled and removed from shell
Arugula pesto
Savory granola
Jelly from the shellfish juice
Lemon and seaweed ice
Delicate herbs for a garnish

Make a pesto with the arugula by blanching the leaves for 2 minutes and refreshing in ice water. Squeeze out moisture, and make a traditional presto with walnuts, Grana Padano and olive oil. Set aside.
Make the seaweed ice by combining 250 ml unripe tomato water, 250 ml lemon juice, 125 ml of 30B sugar syrup, 75 gr. kombu, and 10 gr. sea lettuce. Let sit overnight. Strain and season with sea salt. Freeze overnight in a shallow pan and scrape to form and ice. Reserve.
Slice the abalone thin. In a chilled bowl, place a small amount of arugula pesto and arrange the shellfish on top. Spoon some the jellied juices of the shellfish on top of that. Place a few spoonfuls of the granite on top of the shellfish as if it is an inverted seafood cocktail. Garnish with delicate herbs of your choice.