Berlucchi '61 in the US with us

The official bubbles at Identità Chicago and New York 2016: as Franciacorta as ever!

Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore with Franco, Artu

Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore with Franco, Arturo and Cristina Ziliani, that is to say the Guido Berlucchi family. The winery from Franciacorta will be the protagonist, just like Bottura and other great chefs, at Identità Chicago and Identità New York, the two approaching congresses

Everything is ready for the next editions of Identità Chicago and New York 2016, and the event’s official bubbles have also been confirmed: Franciacorta Berlucchi ’61. Indeed this was an essential vintage for the winery in Borgonato. It was exactly 55 years ago, in 1961, that they produced the first 3 thousand bottles of metodo classico. Mr Ziliani created his “Pinot di Franciacorta” with the brilliant idea of putting on the label, for the first time, the geographical name of Franciacorta. Today his children Arturo, Paolo and Cristina create, sell and spread around the world their bubbles and culture with great passion and while Guido Berlucchi created the Franciacorta category from scratch, the choice of calling that first wine, in 1961, with a geographical name and not with a specific company brand, allowed to create a series of wines that demonstrate a tradition that is being renewed.

Nature ’61 2009 - Pas Dosé by Berlucchi will be matched, in a special dinner in New York, with Massimo Bottura’s starter Una Lenticchia meglio del caviale,

Nature ’61 2009 - Pas Dosé by Berlucchi will be matched, in a special dinner in New York, with Massimo Bottura’s starter Una Lenticchia meglio del caviale,

Despite the large size of the winery in Franciacorta, their artisanal approach to wine allows them to be perfectly integrated with the territory. This year lake Iseo consecrated the installation of artist Christo with his The Floating Piers allowing tourists from Italy and all around the world to discover Franciacorta even through its wines. It’s exactly what will happen in a few days’ time in Chicago and New York, with the new North American editions of Identità Golose, where the welcome toast to every lesson with the great chefs, as well as before the scheduled lunches and dinners, will be made with Berlucchi '61.

At Identità Chicago and New York we’ll serve Franciacorta Berlucchi ’61 in the Brut and Rosé versions together with a brand new product, exclusively available at the Dine Around dinner on 6th October at Eataly New York, a stone’s throw away from the famous Flatiron in Manhattan: Nature ’61 2009 - Pas Dosé. It will be matched with Massimo Bottura’s starter Una Lenticchia meglio del caviale [A lentil better than caviar] a play for the taste buds full of rare emotions since the black lentils, placed on top of the ice, will acquire the shape and flavour of caviar, served with sour cream and dill.

Berlucchi ’61 Nature

Berlucchi ’61 Nature

These bubbles are born from a blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir grapes, a maturation of at least five years on the lees. No dosage is added when disgorging the wine, hence the “Nature” definition. The absence of sugar in the dosage syrup leads to a dry, elegant wine, with a hay colour and luminous nuances and a very fine perlage. The bouquet has clear notes of lemon zest and tropical fruits as well as delicate hints of spicy biscuits. The sapid finish is in perfect balance with the palate.

Berlucchi ’61 Nature was born in 2009, a lucky vintage, so as to embody the most sincere expression of the territory while enhancing its soul. As Paolo Marchi, creator and curator of Identità Golose said: «Chefs from all around the world, starting from Italian ones, are no longer the ambassadors of good food and high quality, but of sustainability, good practices and new techniques too». And of course this applies even to great producers of bubbles, like the Ziliani family, who will bring excellent wines from our country to Chicago and Manhattan.


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