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Loste Café, a preview of the project in Milan from two guys from Noma

At the end of February Lorenzo Cioli and Stefano Ferraro are opening a small place that bets on coffee, pasta and wine

17-02-2021 | 10:00
Lorenzo Cioli and Stefano Ferraro, patrons at L

Lorenzo Cioli and Stefano Ferraro, patrons at Loste Cafe, soon opening in Via Guicciardini 5, in Milan

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Goodbye to, the place that changed Italian cuisine. Here are 20 dishes that made its history

The lights have gone off, for an indefinite period of time, in the iconic restaurant of Davide Scabin at Castello di Rivoli. We'll go through its history, thanks to a new book by Marco Bolasco and Marco Trabucco

11-01-2021 | 10:00
Closed for an indefinite period of time, that'

Closed for an indefinite period of time, that's what the Michelin guide says, after removing the last star to at Castello di Rivoli, an iconic place for every food lover, where the brilliant Davide Scabin changed Italian cuisine for over two decades. He had opened in that location in 2002, but already in 1994, with Milena Pozzi, the chef had created his first restaurant, Al Combal, in Almese, in Valle di Susa

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Terra Madre-Salone del Gusto 2020: 4 dinners, starting with the one dedicated to Vittorio Fusari

On Wednesday the 7th of October, a series of dinner events begins at Lingotto. Here’s the programme and all the protagonists

25-09-2020 | 09:00
Vittorio Fusari, the unforgotten chef who passed a

Vittorio Fusari, the unforgotten chef who passed away in January. The first of the four dinner events of the 2020 edition of Terra Madre – Salone del Gusto, starting on the 7th October at Eataly Lingotto, is dedicated to him

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Heinz Beck starts again from wellbeing and takes you to Paradise, up there at La Pergola

The chef is unstoppable: he has written two books, continues researching healthy menus (now also offered in Fiuggi) and presents plenty of new praiseworthy dishes, in Rome’s three-starred restaurant

07-09-2020 | 09:00
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Back to the Restaurant, TheFork’s biggest international campaign

From the 17th of September, 10K restaurants in the booking platform’s 22 partner-countries, will offer a 50% discount. Almir Ambeskovic, anticipates: «We’re helping the restaurant industry, a heritage for everyone»

02-09-2020 | 09:00
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Maddalena Fossati: «Italian cuisine must become a Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity»

The director of La Cucina Italiana presents the project launched with the July issue. Handed to an exceptional guest, Massimo Bottura. It will then be the turn of Oldani, Klugmann, Cracco...

14-08-2020 | 09:00
The cover of the July issue of La Cucina Italiana

The cover of the July issue of La Cucina Italiana. The portrait of Massimo Bottura was taken by French artist JR

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Starting again for Bottura: the Ferrari restaurant in Maranello in March, Osteria Gucci in Tokyo and much more

«Creative minds should find new ideas to overcome this difficult moment». With Francescana running smoothly, there are some great news at Casa Maria Luigia too (with a signature menu)

16-07-2020 | 09:00
Massimo Bottura with daughter Alexa depicted by

Massimo Bottura with daughter Alexa depicted by João Fazenda in April on the cover of New Yorker. Their web show Kitchen Quarantine won Webby Awards; video maker Alexa got the idea, and it went online every day at 8 pm on the chef’s Instagram account 

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