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Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani


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Precise, surprising, and a lover of experiments, Paul Pairet was born (on the 29th June 1964, in Perpignan) and raised in France. He stood out at Paris's Cafe Mosaic for his personal style in the kitchen, which he himself defined as French-non-French. He’s influenced by the cosmopolitan vision he acquired after a series of experiences around the world, between Hong Kong, Sidney and Jakarta. 

Alain Ducasse then notices him and hires him at Cam at the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul where he soon positions the hotel restaurant among the best in town. In 2005 Asia calls him and he thus starts his adventure in Shanghai. He first opens restaurant Jade on 36, inside the Shangri-La Hotel Pudong. Three years later this contemporary French cuisine restaurant is one of the most beloved and renowned in town. During the same years Pairet participates in important culinary events such as Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia in 2007, Madrid Fusion in 2008 and the World Gourmet Summit in 2008 in Singapore. In December 2009 he’s the guest chef at Ikarus of Hanger-7 a concept space in Salzburg and in 2012 he participates in the OFF World Tour in Shanghai.

In 2009 he opens French cuisine restaurant Mr & Mrs Bund in Shanghai, on the iconic Bund. Here Pairet put together classics and new takes with a very personal, not simple and not classifiable style. His experimenting spirit is always present. It takes him 15 years before his most innovative project is born in 2012: Ultraviolet, in collaboration with VOL. It’s multi-sensorial space where 10 guests not only share a 20-course menu around the same table, but also music, images, sounds and even aromas which enhance and represent the dishes. Pairet calls it “immersive dining”: a all-embracing taste experience.

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