Paulo Airaudo




Calle Moraza, 1B
20006 - San Sebastian - Donostia
+34 943 845647

Paulo Airaudo was born in 1985 in Argentina to a family of Italian immigrants. As soon as he turned 18 he started to travel, following a culinary vocation that still had to take shape. Mexico, Peru and then Europe, Fat Duck in London, Magnolia in Cesenatico, and finally Arzak in San Sebastian. His first solo adventure is in May 2015, when he opens La Bottega in Geneva, Switzerland. Four months later, this “modern trattoria” receives the first Michelin star. But Airaudo doesn’t want to stop yet.

Two years later he returns to the Basque Country and in April 2017 he opens restaurant Amelia (named after his daughter) in San Sebastian. Once again, only a few months later he gets his first Michelin star, which shines even more in such a patriotic city, where the imperative in the kitchen – whether it’s fine dining or not – is always focusing on the territory, on local products, on Basque traditions.

Instead, Amelia is in proud and evident contrast, starting from the setting. It seats 22 people in an old carpentry in the Romantic area of the city: Scandinavian atmosphere, natural materials, grey tones, minimalism, if you exclude the Star Warspaintings or the Super Mario figurines scattered around, a tribute to the pop art of the Nineties, of which the chef is a big fan. «Fine dining is changing, it’s evolving. We must understand this - Airaudo explains,- People want happy places where they can have fun and spend a nice time».

The cuisine is also minimalistic, at least on paper: «We only serve a tasting menu, combining different flavours, textures and memories in our recipes, so that this journey can be a unique experience». Before the food, however, there’s a constant work to create a network with small producers, including wineries, all organic or biodynamic. And the chef is always proud to explain that 90% of the wines are served by the glass.

From nomadic to stationary chef: «My family loves San Sebastian. I love San Sebastian. We’re happy here. At the same time, chefs and gourmands from all around the world keep an eye on this town, so this allows me to offer my food to the world».  His personal journey is like his skills in the kitchen: concrete, lively, unmistakable, like his iconic Risotto parsley and sea snails.

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