Muhu hapurokk

Peeter Pihel


2,5 dl fermented birch sap
2,5 dl cream
0,5 dl quince juice
100 g roasted potatoes
240 g eggyolk
100 g sugar
380 g eggwhite



At first roast potatoes in the oven, they can be left still in their skin. Measure the fermented birch sap, quince juice and cream, and place on the stove to reduce. Prepare an italian meringue with the sugar and egg white. Press roasted potatoes through a fine sieve and add the potato mash to the reduced mix then heat at low fire for 5-7 minutes. After that add the egg yolks and heat for another 2 - 4 minutes. Then as last step mix together the meringue and the potato mix. Place the mixture in forms and freeze. Caramelize before serving and serve with dark bread crust, Sea buckthorn & carrot cream with burnt hay ash crisps.

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Peeter Pihel

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A recipe presented at
Identità Milano 2012