The carrier pigeon

Enrico and Roberto Cerea


For the burger
500 g of pigeon breasts
20 g of softened butter
1 spoonful of mustard
300 g of fudge sauce
80 g of foie gras

For the fudge
500 g of sugar
350 g of cream
200 g of foie gras

For the pigeon breast
4 pigeon breasts
4 slices of foie gras (15 g each)

To fill the paccheri
500 g of cream
1 boiled potato
3 g of xanthan
Truffle flavoured oil
Chopped truffle
Chopped asparagus

For the glaze
50 g of ketchup
50 g of soya
50 g of balsamic vinegar
Hazelnut paste



For the burger
Chop the pigeon breasts in the mincer, add all the other ingredients apart from the acetosella and the fudge sauce. Shape into mini burgers and flatten.

For the fudge
Dissolve the sugar with the cream, caramelise and add the foie gras.

For the pigeon breast
Make pockets in the breasts and insert the slices of foie gras. Cook in the Roner at 65 °C for 20 minutes.

To fill the paccheri
Reduce the cream by half, add the potato, the xanthan and mix. When the mixture reaches the required density, add the asparagus and the chopped truffle. When it is time to serve, fill each pacchero with the help of an icing bag.

For the glaze
Place all the raw ingredients in a pan and cook for at least 15 minutes.

For the lacquered thighs
Sear the thighs in a pan and finish cooking in the glaze.