Lima London, Virgilio Martinez won his bet in the UK

The Peruvian chef, soon to participate in Identità New York, seduces London with an excellent and simple offer

Virgilio Martinez (right) with Roberto Ortiz, re

Virgilio Martinez (right) with Roberto Ortiz, resident chef at Lima London, the only Peruvian restaurant with a Michelin star. The Peruvian chef will participate in the ninth edition of Identità in New York, 1st-3rd October

Peruvian cuisine has been experiencing a golden age for a few years now. It’s an essential source of inspiration, especially for other Latin-American traditions currently approaching their culinary identity with the same spirit.

Peru’s success lies on a large range of raw materials, on its ancient gastronomic techniques, and capacity to absorb, over time, the traditions of other cultures: Inca, Spanish, Asian. This cuisine perfectly depicts the spirit of the times, having all the features that attract current clients: it’s colourful, flavoursome, light, and uses new and intriguing ingredients.

In the wake of these features, Peruvian restaurants have appeared all around the world, and London is no exception. Lima London is a Peruvian restaurant created by Virgilio Martínez, the chef famous first of all for Central in Lima, a restaurant that changed location only a few weeks ago, and is at number 6 in the World’s 50Best.

Salmon tiradito with leche de tigre and coconut milk 

Salmon tiradito with leche de tigre and coconut milk 

Turbot Ceviche, aji limo, sweet potato 

Turbot Ceviche, aji limo, sweet potato 

Lima London is in Fitzrovia, a lively and charming neighbourhood in Central London. Since 2013 it’s been presenting Peruvian flavours to locals, and is an essential point of reference for Peruvian cuisine in Europe, and not just because it is now the first and only Peruvian restaurant to hold a Michelin star (the Red Guide’s inspectors don’t travel to Peru). At the helm of Lima’s kitchen there’s Peruvian Robert Ortiz, an old friend of Virgilio Martinez. They worked together in London years ago, at the Four Season Hotel: «I was lucky enough to be his boss», reveals Robert. 

Lima has a casual and fun format, colourful both in terms of décor and food presentation. The menu perfectly fits this philosophy, starting from the various types of ceviche: Turbot ceviche with sweet potato, avocado and ají limo; Prawn ceviche with avocado and plantain chips, Nikkei tuna ceviche with ají rocoto and radish; then there’s Salmon tiradito with leche de tigre and coconut milk, or Pachamanca with marinated beef in ají limo with yellow potato. Finally, the desserts: Cirimoia parfait with Amazon chocolate and chips of blue potato, or Avocado mousse with chocolate and ají rocoto.

The restaurant in Fitzrovia. In London, there’s also Floral, Lima London’slittle brother 

The restaurant in Fitzrovia. In London, there’s also FloralLima London’slittle brother 

The offer at Lima follows current trends: small plates, light, lively, perfect to be shared around the table.  They invite you to taste different things, to explore Peru through its flavours and colours. «Our culinary offer is very simple», says Robert Ortiz, «only ingredients of the highest quality, mostly local European products and 20% fresh Peruvian products».

One has to admit, Lima is worth the visit, and has a gastronomic offer in line with the current demand in Europe. High quality cuisine, fresh and fun.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

Lima Fitzrovia
31 Rathbone Place
London, UK
+44 20 3002 2640
Tasting menu: 65 pounds (100 with wine pairings)
Closed: on Saturday at lunchtime and on Sunday at lunchtime 


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