Ruiz’s Guzina: the long wave of Oaxaca wins over Mexico City

The peaceful region is experiencing a fantastic moment. So much so it has conquered the neighbourhood of Polanco with its flavours

Lamb with mole chichilo rojo, one of the dishes fr

Lamb with mole chichilo rojo, one of the dishes from Guzina OaxacaAlejandro Ruiz’s restaurant in Mexico City 

The culinary culture of Oaxaca and mezcal are experiencing such a boom that they have colonized the restaurant scene of Mexico City too. Thanks to its authentic character and its perfect mix of regional traditions, typical products and a contemporary culinary vision, Guzina Oaxaca is the place that more than any other has left an impression on the Mexican capital.

Guzina (the Zapotec word for “kitchen/cuisine”) is the project of acclaimed chef Alejandro Ruiz, famous for Casa Oaxaca and most of all for launching the cuisine of his homeland on an national and international scale.

Alejandro has handed the leadership of the brigade to Carlos Galán, a young and talented cook, capable of standing out in a neighbourhood as competitive as Polanco. The menu shows a very precise vision: the beauty and the rustic features of the cuisines of the 8 regions of the state of Oaxaca, inspired by the different ingredients, techniques, traditions and customs that are then interpreted in a fine dining context.

Chef Carlos Galán

Chef Carlos Galán

The classics not to miss include Tlayuda (a sort of crispy and large corn tortilla) with beans, quesillo cheese and tasajo (beef, finely cut and dried); Guacamole with chapulines (grasshoppers) and different types of mole made with great elegance, such as Mole negro with turkey breast or Mole manchamanteles with pork and purée of roasted apple.

However, it would be tragic to forget recipes that perhaps are not so easily associated with Oaxaca, such as the turbot Ceviche with oil aromatised with chile morita and prawns; or the Tuna Aguachile with roasted avocado, cucumber and Creole coriander. Desserts like Chocolate mousse or Chocolate tart with agave honey make the best use of the great products of Oaxaca such as cocoa or Pinotepa cheese.

Duck tacos with mole colorado

Duck tacos with mole colorado

Chocolate tart with agave honey

Chocolate tart with agave honey

Even the list of alcoholic drinks offers an excellent selection of craft beers and mezcal from that region. They’re the perfect pairing with chef Galán’s creations. Finally, it really feels like you’re in the magic land of Oaxaca, thanks also to the marvellous artworks and craftworks scattered around the restaurant.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

Guzina Oaxaca
Presidente Masaryk 513
Polanco, Mexico City 
Closed on Sunday night 
Average prices: starters 150, main courses 330, desserts 110 Mexican pesos.


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