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Vicook, the new bistro inside Orio al Serio airport. It is signed by the great family from Bergamo

It’s called Vicook and it’s the bistro inside

It’s called Vicook and it’s the bistro inside Orio al Serio international airport, run by the Cerea’s of restaurant Da Vittorio in Brusaporto (Bergamo). It’s the right place where to taste a salted codfish lasagna or a Texan hamburger before boarding your flight

Tireless Cerea. Soon after celebrating the first Michelin star in their Swiss restaurant, the seasonal one inside the Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz, there’s already a brand new project. Last November Vicook took off - a bistro located inside Milan’s Orio al Serio airport, offering a practical and fanciful cuisine, perfect for all those who want to eat before leaving, of for those you want to experience something fun in a rather cosmopolitan setting, among suitcases and often international clients, always counting on the quality offered by the Cerea family.

A metropolitan look

A metropolitan look

The bistro is located on the first floor of the free access area, before the check-ins, and is open non-stop, from 11 in the morning until 11 at night, and also offers two-hour free parking to those who don’t need to take a flight, but only want to sit at a table for a meal. The menu greets the client with a pleasant “Welcome on board” and promises gastronomic journeys, halfway between typical recipes from Bergamo, classic Italian cuisine, and “flights abroad” as in the case of Texas flavour (hamburger with onion ring, green salad and tomatoes, already a classic after such a short time) or Indian Mood, which on the contrary includes Pilaf rice with chicken curry.

There are also gourmet-style pizzas, but always based on simplicity (soft base with fresh tomato and burrata cheese), or more original recipes such as Lasagna with salted codfish with pesto and potatoes which, in the next few days, after the menu update, will be substituted by the even richer and tastier marine Lasagna di mare. Each section in the menu offers post or pre-journey inspirations, with the “Gita veloce” (Short trip) for those who want a snack before running to the gate (choosing between salads and panini), or “Viaggio Italiano” (Italian journey) across national cuisine (mostly soups and pasta), or the auspicious “Dolce atterraggio” (Sweet landing) with its lovely Chocolate cake, Fresh seasonal fruit salad or the cake selection.

MAESTRO. Chicco Cerea

MAESTRO. Chicco Cerea

And who knows what foreign guests may think, when trying to face Pa’ e Strinù, a local classic made with bread and salamella (salami) in this case paired with mustard and Lombard pepper with parmesan, plus salad and French fries! Vicook is focused on the simplicity and pleasure of a tasty break, even though the setting is almost luxurious, when compared to traditional airport restaurants.

Besides, it is wi-fi free and offers a kindergarten service for younger guests, where they can play serenely. And what if you’re dying for a drink? No problem, there’s a short wine list with excellent labels (such as Ceretto’s Blangé and Barbaresco Asij), besides some wines from Franciacorta and a few local bottles. Prices are in line with those of a more popular cuisine, and range between 8 and 12 euros per dish. Desserts, instead, are priced at 6 euros.

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