Soft polenta gnocchi with minced beef and almond sauce

Enrico Bartolini

For the gnocchi
250 g of polenta flour
1 l of water
10 g of salt
30 g of oil
2 kg of semolina

For the garnish
unrefined salt
extra virgin olive oil

Minced beef

For the almond sauce
1 kg of almonds
700 g of ice
3 g of agar


Make up some traditional polenta. Leave to rest in the shape of cylinders under the semolina. After 8 hours, section and you will see that the semolina has created a coating around the polenta.
Cook in boiling water for 3 minutes. Toss with the butter. Place on a plate with the minced beef dressed with oil and salt. Spoon the almond foam by the side, making it by blending the almonds with the ice and agar and passing it in the siphon with two charges.
Finish with fresh herbs.