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Arancino 2011

Wholegrain Ermes rice with extra virgin olive oil and pistachio with seafood ragout and sheep's milk curd

Accursio Craparo

Shellfish ragout
12 smooth clams
12 razor clams
12 mussels
12 clams
13 Venus clams
1 pinch of chili pepper
1 pinch of carob seed flour
Chopped chives and parsley
80 g of confit date tomato tartar

Pistachio and Furgintini extra virgin olive oil cream
100 g of peeled pistachios
1 pinch of salt
100 g of extra virgin olive oil
a few ice cubes
50 g of still water

Breadcrumb shell
200 g of still water
50 g of soft plain flour
20 g of egg white
200 g of breadcrumbs

“Ermes” wholegrain rice
200 g of “Ermes” wholegrain rice
3 l of still water
1 pinch of salt
Pistachio cream
extra virgin olive oil


Shellfish ragout
Shell the shellfish while raw, trying to recuperate the water and filtering with a cloth. Rinse all the seafood to eliminate any sandy residue.
Place the seafood water in a saucepan, bind with a little carob seed flour, add the tomato tartar, parsley, chives and chili and then the raw seafood. Scald lightly.

Pistachio and Furgintini extra virgin olive oil cream
Blend the pistachios with the water, salt, ice cubes and extra virgin olive oil, into a smooth cream.

Breadcrumb shell
Butter some half-sphere metal moulds, place them in a chiller at -18 °C and line with a batter made of water, flour and egg white. Dust with breadcrumbs and leave to dry in a ventilated place for at least 1 hour. Brush again with the batter and breadcrumbs, fry lightly, toast in the oven at 150 °C for about 10 minutes.

“Ermes” wholegrain rice
Bring the water to the boil with the salt, add the rice and cook on a low heat for 30 minutes.
Drain the rice from the cooking water, place it in another pan and add the seafood water. Stir in the pistachio and Furgintini extra virgin olive oil cream.

Coat the breadcrumb shells with the rice stirred with the pistachio and extra virgin olive oil cream. Add the seafood ragout, a little sheep's milk curd and turn onto the plate.