Forcello cockerel from the Tetraonide family

Alessandro Gilmozzi

For 4-5 people

For the cockerel
1 cockerel

For the heather gel
5 g of flowers
200 g of water
125 g of solid agar
1 g of powdered agar

At the bottom of the plate (with the heather gel)
Pearls of cooked turnip made with 3 steamed turnips, mashed and moulded. Chop 1 g of vegetable carbon (toasted and ground onion) with the scraps
Dried porcini mushroom powder
Juniper powder
Juniper oil

For the juniper stroizel
500 g of flour
200 g of grated Grana
250 g of butter
1 egg yolk
1 whole egg
10 g of salt
Juniper powder

Liver and lichen tempura
50 g of corn starch
100 g of soft plain flour
Mineral water and ice
10 g of liver paté (the cockerel’s liver, blended or finely chopped with a knife)
5 g of pine lichen powder and crumbs
1 l of peanut oil for frying

For cooking the cockerel
Wood coal, pine cones and Scots pine

For the garnish
Heather and calendula flowers
Cooked turnip pearls
Raw turnip chips
Virtual blueberry sprouts (radish shoots)




For the cockerel
Pluck, clean and divide the cockerel into fillet, breast with wing, thigh and drumstick.

For the heather gel
Infuse the flowers in the water. When ready, add the powdered agar and solid agar (previously obtained by boiling 1 litre of water with 8 g of agar and leaving it to cool) to the heather infusion. Mould it on a 3 mm deep (maximum) tray and then make 7 cm diameter discs to lay on the bottom of the plate.

For the juniper stroizel
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly together. Make small pearls, freeze them, then cook at 170 °C for a few minutes.

Liver and lichen tempura
Mix all the ingredients together, leave to rest for about ten minutes and then fry, making small, crispy "bushes". Add the liver paté, and the pine lichen powder and crumbs.

For cooking the cockerel
Grill the cockerel for a few minutes, place it in a Staub pot with lichen, moss, birch, Scots pine and red fir in equal parts. Half fill the pan with 3 - 4 pieces of burning charcoal. Place in the oven for 2 minutes at 160-170 °C and then rest at 70 °C for about 20-30 minutes (the time varies depending on the size of the cockerel).

Next to the virtual habitat, on the heather gel, place the flowers, juniper stroizel, bushes and sprigs of tempura, turnip sprouts and pearls. Scallop the breast (1-2 slices per person) with the juniper oil and smoked salt.