Pizza Express

cooked with the Pizz'ino® patented method starting with a 50% biga dough

Giuseppe Giordano

For the condiment
Mozzarella (Antica latteria di Tramonti)
Pachino tomatoes
Grana Padano
Extra virgin olive oil

For the biga
1,000 g of Petra 1 flour
420 g of water
10 g of compressed yeast

For the final dough
1,400 g of Petra 3 flour
990 g of water
60 g of salt
50 g of extra virgin olive oil




For the biga
Mix all the ingredients for a few minutes and leave the dough to rest for 18 hours at 18 °C.

For the final dough
Weigh out 1,400 g of biga. Take the same amount of Petra 3 flour and mix it with the water. When the dough starts to form, add the biga, salt and oil and knead for about 15 minutes. Leave the dough to rest for about 10 minutes. Then make 200 g balls and leave them to rest for 8 hours.

Spread the disc of dough, with a diameter larger than 20 cm (the diameter of the base of the Pizz’ino® crown is 20 cm) on a flat surface. After shaking the flour from the disc of dough, lay the disc inside the crown so that it rests gently against the walls, like a classic pizza surrounded by a bottomless pan. Dress the disc with the mozzarella and the sliced tomatoes, dressed with oil and salt. Place in the oven using the traditional technique, running the pallet under the crown and the dough disc.
This techniques allows Pizz’ino®, Pct international patent, cooking: inside the oven, while the dough cooks according to the traditional Neapolitan method, by direct contact with the refractory brick (leaving it crisp), the dough is protected at the side by the crown, so it cooks like it would in a pan, leaving it soft. The particularity of this form of cooking is that it makes the dough both crisp and soft, eliminating the gap between the traditional Neapolitan cooking technique and that using pans.
After taking the pizza out of the oven, remove the crown and dress the pizza with rocket and Grana Padano in scales, completing with a drizzle of olive oil.