Autumn risotto

Aurora Mazzucchelli

For 4 people

For the autumn stock
200 g of oak leaves
100 g of maple leaves
100 g of birch leaves
3 l of mineral water

For the risotto
1150 g of autumn stock
320 g of Carnaroli rice
20 g of butter
15 g of extra virgin olive oil
8 chestnuts
4 morels
2 porcini mushrooms
2 walnuts in liqueur
0.3 g of xanthan gum


For the autumn stock
Wash the leaves and dry them in the oven at 50 °C for about 2 hours. Place 200 g of dried leaves in a roasting tin in the oven with the water, cover with foil and cook at 150 °C for about 3 hours. Filter and add salt to taste.

For the risotto
Blend 50 g of autumn stock with the walnuts in liqueur to obtain a smooth cream. Mix 100 g of autumn stock with the xanthan gum.
Scald the mushrooms, then dry them in the oven for about 2 hours at 80 °C. Grind them into powder, keeping the porcini and morels separate.
Toast the rice in extra virgin olive oil. Continue cooking for about 18 minutes, adding autumn stock if necessary. When cooked, stir in the butter.

For the garnish
Serve the risotto with a few drops of walnut cream and thickened autumn stock. Finish with the mushroom powders and a few slices of previously peeled raw chestnuts.