Meringue, raspberry and caramel

Niko Romito

30 g of egg yolks
200 g of fresh cream
40 g of sugar
150 g of fresh raspberry juice
50 g of distilled water
1.5 g of gelatine sheets
100 g of very fresh egg whites
200 g of caster sugar
50 g of oak sawdust


For the caramel base
Pour the sugar and the cream into separate saucepans. Heat on a medium-high heat. When the caramel starts to bubble, gradually add the hot cream. Wait for a few seconds then add the egg yolks, continuing to mix with a whisk. Return to the heat and heat to 83 °C. Pour onto the serving plate.

For the raspberry ice lolly
Place the raspberry juice and distilled water in a saucepan. When the liquid starts to boil, take off the heat and add the gelatine, previously softened in hot water. Take some pastry cutters with the same diameter as the bottom of the serving plate. Seal them with Clingfilm, then place them on a sheet of marble in a chiller at -30 °C and pour in the product to the required level. Store at -30 °C.

For the smoked meringue
Take a smoking pipe, fill it with oak sawdust and set aside. Place the egg whites (at room temperature) and the sugar in a planetary mixer and start whisking gradually. When half whisked, switch on the smoking machine and direct the smoke into the planetary mixer for several minutes. Increase the speed of the planetary mixer and take to the right consistency. Place the mixture in an icing bag with a very small curly nozzle.

For the garnish
Take a plate with the caramel, place the raspberry ice lolly on it at -30 °C s that it is perfectly aligned. Make little dashes with the icing bag and when the whole raspberry base is covered with tufts of meringue, burn with a crème brulée torch. Serve immediately.