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Chef Daniele Pennati created a semifreddo with beer that recalls mulled wine

Twice Premio Birra Moretti Grand Cru finalist Dani

Twice Premio Birra Moretti Grand Cru finalist Daniele Pennati, chef at restaurant Hotel Roseg in Chiesa Valmalenco (Sondrio), for this dessert decided to play with a wine-based classic, substituting wine with the citric note of Moretti Radler

We continue our series of finalist recipes in the fourth edition of Premio Birra Moretti Grand Cru, now approaching the end. Today we present a dessert created by chef Daniele Pennati, twice a finalist, who for his savoury dish presented Sweetbreads with Moretti Grand Cru. Here’s how he presents this dessert.

This dessert, with a playful title, is a tribute to a popular drink –vin brulé, mulled wine – but with beer. A new interpretation or better a transformation into a dessert with the fresh flavours of elderberry and apple, matching the citric taste of Birra Moretti Radler.

Daniele Pennati, chef at Hotel Roseg (Chiesa Valmalenco, Sondrio)

Daniele Pennati, chef at Hotel Roseg (Chiesa Valmalenco, Sondrio)

Beer Brulé – Yogurt semifreddo, apples with Birra Moretti Radler, elderberry slush, elderberry gel and meringues

Recipe for 4 people

For the semifreddo
200 g white yogurt
150 g 35% mg cream
n°1 gelatine sheet

For the meringues

100 g elderberries
100 g egg white
100 g white sugar
50 g water

For the apples

n°1 Florina apple
n°1 Birra Moretti Radler

For the elderberry syrup

300 g elderberries
50 g muscovado brown sugar

For the elderberry gel

100 g elderberry syrup
1 g agar agar

For the slush

200 g elderberries
Mint leaves

As a pairing, Birra Moretti Radler

As a pairing, Birra Moretti Radler

For the semifreddo
Soak the gelatine sheet in water. Create a meringue with the egg white and the sugar. Melt the gelatine in 50 g of cream. Add the melted gelatine to the yogurt. Whip the cream. Add the meringue to the yogurt and then add the cream. Pour into semi-sphered silpat moulds and chill.

For the Birra Moretti Radler apple
Cut the apple, using a mandolin knife, in 5 mm thick slices. Using a 1 cm diameter pastry cutter, form some small discs. Put these with the cinnamon, cloves and Birra Moretti Radler in a vacuum pack and seal at 60%. Put the vacuumed apples in the fridge and leave to rest for half a day.

For the elderberry meringues
Put the elderberries in a vacuum pack and cook in a bain-marie at 65°C for 45 minutes. Leave to cool. Extract the cooking juices. Put the cooked elderberries in a drier at 50°C for 8 hours. Blend the dried berries. In a casserole tin, add 100 g of elderberry juice, sugar and water. Bring to 110°C. Create an Italian-style meringue with the egg white. Using a pastry bag, form some small meringues. Sprinkle the powdered dried elderberries. Dry the meringues at 55°C for 10 hours. Keep the meringues in an airtight box.

For the syrup
Put the elderberries and the Muscovado brown sugar in a vacuum pack and cook at 65° for 45 minutes. Leave to cool.

For the gel
In a casserole tin, add 100 g of syrup and 1 g of agar agar. Cook. Leave to cool and then to rest for 3 hours. Blend the elderberry gelatine with the help of a hand blender. Put the gel into a sauce bottle. Keep in the fridge.

For the slush
Freeze the elderberries without their sprigs. Blend the berries that are to be frozen. Place the elderberry slush in an airtight container in the freezer.

Finishing the dish
Put a soup dish into the freezer. Remove the yogurt domes from their moulds and cut them into half. Create 3 half domes. Drain the apple discs and dry any possible exceeding liquid. Place the three half domes on the plate. Draw some small dots of elderberry gel. Put the meringues. Place the apple discs harmoniously. Add the elderberry slush. Finish with a few mint leaves. Serve.

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Daniele Pennati


Daniele Pennati

classe 1980, chef del ristorante Hotel Roseg a Chiesa Valmalenco, Sondrio

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