Pasta in Wonderland

Pasta and pizza: two pillars in Italian gastronomy are the basis for Maurizio De Riggi’s recipe

by Maurizio De Riggi
Maurizio De Riggi, chef at Markus in San Paolo Bel

Maurizio De Riggi, chef at Markus in San Paolo Bel Sito, plays on great classics of Italian cuisine just like he did with the dessert presented at Premio Birra Moretti Grand Cru

Completing Maurizio De Riggi’s mini-menu in the fourth edition of Premio Birra Moretti Grand Cru, we present the savoury recipe to be paired with the dessert presented on November 28th. Here is how he describes it himself.

The idea for this first course came from my desire to provoke and dare, touching two icons in the history of Italian gastronomy: pasta and pizza. It also responds to my desire of focusing on the valorisation and the use of all the “waste” there is in the kitchen. Among the spices, I chose garlic, which is finely matched by the acidity in the San Marzano tomatoes and creates the right balance with the sweetness of the almond pesto. I used Birra Moretti for the pasta dough because, as for the aromas, it is not demanding; as for the pairing, I chose Birra Moretti La Rossa to highlight the “burnt” effect of the pasta.

Pasta in Wonderland

Recipe for 4 people

300 g semolina
100 ml water
30 ml Birra Moretti
200 g buffalo milk mozzarella from Campania POD
200 g smoked provola
200 g buffalo milk ricotta
40 g Grana Padano
200 ml San Marzano tomatoes
40 g almonds
80 g basil
1 garlic clove
150 ml extra virgin olive oil
Edible flowers
Pink pepper

Maurizio De Riggi, 27

Maurizio De Riggi, 27

For the sauce
Blend the San Marzano tomatoes and cook them for around 10 minutes, then season them with salt, oil and garlic.

For the filling
In a planetary mixer, whisk the ricotta cheese with the pink pepper, the Grana Padano and the extra virgin olive oil. Dice both the buffalo milk mozzarella from Campania POD and the smoked provola.

For the pesto
Carefully wash the basil leaves and dry them well. In the blender jar, put the Grana Padano and the almonds and blend a first time. Add the basil and blend, gradually adding the oil.

For the pasta
Mix the warm water with the Birra Moretti then add the semolina and form a small stick. Wrap it in cling film then leave it to rest. Roll out the pasta and using half-moon cutters, create half-moons of pasta and add the filling. Close the half-moon on itself, creating the typical edge of a pizza.

After this, spread the sauce on the pasta and bake at 160°C for 10 minutes. Finish the cooking and complete the dish by burning the edges with a cooking torch.


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