Identità Naturali - Daniela Cicioni

16-05-2015 | 04:00 PM


For years now, Identità Naturali has been the space dedicated by Identità Golose to so-called natural cuisine: vegetarian, vegan, raw diet. That is to say to the trends that are changing our way of eating, both for health and ethical reasons, inducing us to make more aware and sustainable choices.
Until a few years ago – and today too, in the eyes of many, though they are completely wrong – these themes were inevitably matched with a slightly penitential diet, rich in benefits yet poor in taste. In other words, they recalled diets and sacrifices, instead of light delicacies and digestible pleasures.

The change in opinions is also thanks to people such as Daniela Cicioni. A landscape architect from Como, in love with nature and cuisine, since 2007 she has turned cooking (in fact sometimes even less, as she’s a raw diet cook, on top of being a vegan) into her profession. She graduated as a “natural cook” at La Sana Gola; until 2012 she was the chef at Centro Botanico in Milan. Today she’s a consultant, a freelance cook and a vegan and raw diet cuisine teacher.