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From Identità Expo to Identità Milano, our goal is one: experimenting the strength of freedom

The twelfth edition of the international Identità

The twelfth edition of the international Identità Milano fine dining and pastry making congress will take place at MiCo in Via Gattamelata from the 6th till the 8th of March 2016. The theme chosen by Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni on this edition is "The Strength of Freedom", a reflection on the values of creative freedom and free conviviality

Only one month, one month and 14 days to be precise, has passed as I write today, during the break offered by Saint Lucy’s weekend. Only one month has gone by since Expo 2015 and our adventure with Identità Expo ended.

It seems like talking about a different era, after the attacks in Paris and the many events that make the things we were naively used to no longer granted: participating, meeting around a table, sharing different ideas, comparing different cultures, with the desire of getting to know each other and find out more. For those who experience it from inside and daily, Expo 2015 meant this most of all. It was all for granted and suddenly, today, it becomes a conquest we need to reaffirm every day.

To Bee or not to Bee, the dish Cristina Bowerman chose as the image to represent Identità Milano 2016

To Bee or not to Bee, the dish Cristina Bowerman chose as the image to represent Identità Milano 2016

Only a few days ago we published the programme of the 12th Identità Golose-Milano congress, thanks to the untiring work of Paolo Marchi, helped by the guaranteed support of Giulia Corradetti: it’s the beginning of a complex organisational process and of the great team work that will end between 6th and 8th March 2016.

In just one moment, Paolo and I, without speaking – as often the case – agreed and turned everything upside down. The theme of a congress was meant to be dedicated to waste and sustainability in contemporary cuisine, which we will not overlook in general, but in a matter of minutes it became The Strength of Freedom. The total and absolute claim of creative freedom and of free conviviality, of free confrontation, of the interaction of different cultures that has been the strongest and most distinctive symbol of Identità Golose in these years, since the first edition.

This was also the deepest meaning of Identità Expo, where over 200 chefs, from Italy and all around the world, participated in turns, met, discussed, presented ideas, experimented techniques, interacted with an extraordinarily large, varied and often competent audience. We have published the numbers and names of the protagonists and collaborators, to whom we will always be grateful, but this is the only real outcome of Identità Expo: 6 months during which we experienced The Strength of Freedom.

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